Friday, August 17, 2018

Graph Paper, Gratitude List, and a Folded Monthly Tracker - FREE!

Today I am sharing with you a couple of inserts I have made recently.  I started out with a Michael's Recollections binder in personal size, BUT their inserts are 4 x 6.75 instead of 3.75 x 6.75, so I have continued to use that size (since I make all my own anyway).  There is only a .25" difference between the two so I edited each file to include the standard personal size, below.

Graph Paper - Personal
Graph Paper - Recollections Personal

Gratitude List - Personal
Gratitude List - Recollections Personal

Monthly Tracker, Folded - Personal & Recollections Personal

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Question for 2019 Inserts

What kind of calendars and other inserts would you like to see on Planner Fun for 2019?  Be specific and include the size that you use in your planner.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Future Planning Insert {FREE}

My current planner has smaller rings so I don't carry a full 12 months.  So, how do I handle making appointments that go beyond the three months that are in my planner?  I use the future planning insert that you can download below.  I keep it directly behind the last month in my planner and if I need to add an appointment and I don't have the month available, I will write it on that insert.

When it is time to change out my monthly pages, I use that sheet to fill in the dates I need to remember.  Simple yet effective!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Changing Things Up!

New free inserts will be added to this blog from time to time but I will no longer maintain an index. The best way to not miss an insert is to either subscribe to my blog and get a notification when a new insert is posted, or to check the sidebar.  From this point on I will put a label on all new inserts.  Thanks for visiting.

Be sure to check out "Your Insert Wish List" aka "how requesting a free insert works"!

Because this new system works better for me, I will no longer be updating my  "Planner Fun Uploads" Facebook page, but will keep it open in case there are some inserts posted you want to access, or if you want to chat about inserts!  If you see spam, please report the post and I'll get on it.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

A5 Undated Week on Two Pages

A reader wrote me asking how she could make one of my inserts print A5 size.  It was designed on a letter size page and since it was undated for classic size, it could be printed on both sides and cut down the middle.

There might have been an easier way, but since I didn't have the original size, I imported the pdf into my desktop publishing program and made two different sheets in A5 size.

All of that to say this:  if you are interested in an undated, week on 2 pages insert in A5, take a look here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Homeschoolers - Free Academic Year At a Glance!

Side Note:  School Planning happened and I wasn't able to keep up with my 31 Days of Planner Fun.  Sorry guys, I really thought I would be able to!  Check out the 31 Days of Planner Fun in the sidebar to see previous year's series.  Who knows - maybe I'll be able to finish it, so check back.

Speaking of school planning, I am knee deep!  Today I needed a year at a glance page for my attendance and threw this one together.  This freebie has two year at a glance calendars printed on letter-sized paper.  It starts on August 2018 with a Sunday start (I have to have my calendars start on Sunday, but not my week at a glance pages - weird!) and ends July 2019.  I printed the page and cut down the middle.  I have two students so it works perfectly.  Here's the link

PS - You might notice that October doesn't have the weekends highlighted - that has been corrected!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[31 Days #17] Planner Walk Through: Health Section

I've mentioned before (probably several times, LOL), that I am a post kidney transplant patient.  Although I am definitely glad to be alive, I encounter a number of ailments and side effects from the drugs that I take.  I track unusual symptoms and change in my health to reference at my quarterly appointments with my nephrologist.  One of the biggest reasons I like using a planner is because I don't have to forget anything!