Thursday, September 22, 2016

A New Week on One Page Insert

I know I have found a favorite insert when I have used it for more than three weeks in a row.  This insert is a favorite.

It has room in the weekly blocks to jot down bills due, important dates, and upcoming appointments.  There is not room for task lists, which I often do when using a week on two pages spread.  If I have a very busy day, I use a daily page for notes and reminders, or I will use a to-do app on my phone.

There are two blank blocks at the top of the page.  I use the one on the left to record financial information.  In the block above are upcoming homeschool fees.  Sometimes I will keep our checking balance in the block, or write outstanding check amounts (or both).

The right block perfectly fits my sticky notes (I might have planned that), and I am currently using that as a list that I add to during the week when I find something we need on our next shopping trip.  If you would like a copy, you can download HERE.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Using a Daily Page for 2 Days

Every four months I make a 5 hour round trip to Vanderbilt to see my kidney Doctor. My mom and I had transplants a year apart with the same doctor, so we coordinate our appointments. The day before (today) often requires a lot of planning and reminders, so this method of planning works well for me.

The tasks I need to complete for tonnage are listed on the left hand side of the page. Can you tell I want to remember not to take my Prograff!? I've written it in a couple of places. I have also noted, more than once, a reminder about lab procedures. I don't want to forget.

The time schedule on this page will be used  tomorrow. I'm keeping up with my mom's appointment, as well as 3 of my own. At the bottom of the schedule I've written down questions I want to ask my doctor. If there's one thing I've learned from Kristy at Giftie Etcetera, it's that you can use planner pages however works best for you - two days on one daily page works great for me in this situation. 
Do you do anything similar with your planner pages?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekly Home & School Planner (homeschoolers)

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted, hasn't it.  I feel like I ran out of ideas of things to create - I also ran out of time to create.  We've started our new year of school and I am teaching two highschoolers!  I am beyond busy!

The printable I am sharing with you today is something I made to help me in my everyday school and home plans.  The appointments still go on the monthly calendar and the things to do have been going on the daily pages, but since I keep my lesson plans with my everyday planner, I needed to have something front and center so I didn't have to keep flipping back and forth from my lesson plans to my weekly or daily pages.  This is what I came up with.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Planning with Your Smart Phone

I haven't felt inclined to make anything new lately. I can't even print my own planner pages from my laptop until I buy a printer cord (wireless printer, no internet...)  I bought a new iPhone a couple of weeks ago (6s plus - Ooh, shiny!) and until I get my planner act together, I'm using it to manage my life. So, I wanted to tell you about the apps I'm using to do that. 

So, let's start with the Cakendar app. The first thing I did was to add all the bills due and set them up to repeat monthly. I also set some of them up to alert me a couple of days before they are due because no matter familiar you are with them, paying one on time can always slip your mind. We don't want to throw our money away to finance charges!

All appointments with a due date also go on the calendar. iPhones are good to provide places for notes, times, even locations. Mine even has a place to indicate travel time!

Another app I use it is Evernote. It's free and it is awesome. Basically you create notes into notebooks and notebooks into stacks. In the past, I have taken pics of my planner pages and archived them in Evernote - they're searchable. Since I'm currently not carrying my planner, I added a photo of my contacts, my future pages and my calendar for July. 

For tasks and to-do's I use the AnyList app. It is a free app but I upgraded to the premium version and have not regretted it. I can list my daily and weekly chores, divide them up in categories, show them all or just some. Look up this app and read all about it - I could never do it justice. 

This app also has an awesome menu planning ability. You can add recipes manually, copy and paste, or import them on your computer. On the app calendar I choose the meals/recipes I am going to prepare and click the ingredients I need or the whole recipe to the built in grocery list. It will make a note on the grocery list what recipe the ingredient will be used in which I find helpful. The grocery list can also be categorized by aisles, category, and stores. I love it. 

I miss the ability to add papers to my planner but like I said, taking a picture to add to Evernote works well. 

Do any of you use electronic planning?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Update: Where I've Been

I updated the Facebook page some so a lot of you might know about my dad.  He fell on the 9th of May and had to have emergency surgery to remove a clot from his brain.  The surgery was a success but he had a time waking up.  He developed pneumonia and things weren't looking good and we had to start thinking about hard things.  Then he woke up and responded some and we were encouraged.  He tolerated having the breathing tube removed and we were encouraged more - but then he started declining and on the 22nd he died.

My family are Christians and the deep sadness we feel is lessened by knowing that we will see him again some day, and our relief that he is not hurting and suffering is great.  However, now we are back to normal life and are finding our way through without Dad.

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 52nd wedding anniversary.  52 years of loving and taking care of each other.  I couldn't ask for a better example!

School is out and I have more free time.  I hope to be back soon with some more inserts and planner fun!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

August 12, 1942  -  May 22, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

May Collaboration with Giftie Etcetera

For May, Kristy (Giftie Etcetera) took a printable of rows and columns and came up with four ways to use it. I especially like the way she used it for writing goals.  You can download the insert HERE and find Kristy's post here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

What's Next?

Tomorrow, Giftie and I are posting our collaboration post for May.  Be sure to stop by her website to get the scoop, and then back by here to get the free insert.

My blog will be hit and miss for the unforeseeable future.  My dad had emergency surgery on Tuesday morning to remove a clot from his brain.  He is serious condition in ICU and hasn't yet awakened.  We're just waiting to see what happens.  Those of you who pray, I would appreciate yours!