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FREE Week on 2 Pages for 2018

Monday, December 11, 2017

My Week on 2 Pages for 2018 are now ready - just in time for the new year!  Click on the image above to download.

The One Page Minimalist Christmas Planner - 2017 Edition

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I made these pages the first year I began making inserts.  I suppose they could use some updating, but I just wanted to keep them the same.  The calendar has been updated though!  There's also a link below for a personal size edition.

2017 One Page Minimalist Christmas Planner
          Personal Size
          Half Size

Planner Fun Uploads - Update

Thursday, November 16, 2017
My time has not been my own and blogging has pretty much been non-existent.  I do still make inserts from time to time and have found a quicker way to share them.

I created a Facebook group called Planner Fun Uploads.  When I make something new, I will upload it for the group.  No frills or pretty graphics - just uploads and conversation as the group wishes.  Looking for something particular - the group would be a good place to ask.  Hope to see you there - a new file has already been uploaded!  Join Here to Get The Latest

I am NOT closing the blog, but you will probably see long pauses between posts.

Thanksgiving Inserts from Planner Fun Round Up [FREE]

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Below is a selection of Thanksgiving inserts that I have created over the years.  Most have been updated for 2017.  I hope you find something you can use!

Daily Schedule - This insert has hourly slots beginning at 5am and goes all the way until midnight.  I like to use this insert to keep track of when to put things in the oven and when to take other things out of the refrigerator.

Dated Schedule and To Do, similar to the insert above but there is plenty of room for to-do's - and it's decorated for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Note Paper - cute pilgrim!

Minimalist One Page Thanksgiving Planner - I created this 3 years ago and it has been a popular download with my blog readers.  I use it every year.
(updated for 2017)

FREE - 2018 Month on 2 Pages Calendar

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I can't believe it is time to start thinking about 2018!!  I'm sure some of you are all ready to go.  Well, if I am getting these out on the last day of October then I am doing pretty good.  I hope they will be useful to some of you!

A FREE Grab Bag for October

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Have you ever been to a store that was offering grab bags for a good price but the contents were unknown?  I never would pay the money because I couldn't stand buying something if I didn't know what it was.  I'm offering one, however, for free!  :)

I still post very sporadically because of my super busy schedule.  Sometimes I make myself something for my planner but don't share it because I don't have the time to make a proper graphic, write a post, include a screenshot, etc. - but people like FREE and they don't always mind the package it is wrapped up in.  In comes my Grab Bag.  It's in a plain bag and you don't know what's in it, but again - it's FREE so it's worth the look.


My Planner is Still Evolving

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Long time no see!  My life is crazy and I have become a part-time blogger (and even that is stretching the truth).  My teens have started back to school and as their teacher, so have I!

This past summer has been 3 years since I started using a planner and this blog. See a few pictures of my beginning on this blog post that was written by Laura at I Heart Planners.  My planner now is very different.  I learned early on that I was more of a functional planner than a decorative planner and my blog has been pared down considerably.

A big change occurred last night after a light bulb moment (of sorts).  Every day as we are going through our school work, I find myself going back and forth between my everyday planner and my homeschool planner.  There's not a lot of space, so shuffling them around was becoming a pain.

My Filofax has larger ring than my last planner so I began to consider the idea of merging my homeschool planner with my everyday planner.  It was going to be a tight fit despite the larger rings but I decided that if I got rid of some clutter, there would be room.

So, I used my homeschool binder and began to transfer the clutter there and called it an archive  ::wink::  I have fewer tabs for my everyday planner: weekly, monthly, future, CFS (Calvary Fellowship School, our homeschool co-op), and files.  The files tab contain various bits of information that, once upon a time, I would have probably made countless tabs for; now I just file the information alphabetically.

I pulled out the numbered tabs that came with the Filofax and used them for my homeschool tabs.  All my pages are 8.5 x 5.5 but the tabs are A5, which means they stick out farther - which is perfect for my homeschool plans and makes it easier to get to them.
  1. Lesson Plans for William
  2. Lesson Plans for Jonathan
  3. Attendance
  4. Grades
  5. Online Class Information (through the local high school, required for homeschoolers to play sports.
It seems like I can never go wrong when I decided to consolidate and simplify.  Getting to the information quickly, for me, is key.

Have any ideas or new inserts for this blog?  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.
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