Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[31 Days #17] Planner Walk Through: Health Section

I've mentioned before (probably several times, LOL), that I am a post kidney transplant patient.  Although I am definitely glad to be alive, I encounter a number of ailments and side effects from the drugs that I take.  I track unusual symptoms and change in my health to reference at my quarterly appointments with my nephrologist.  One of the biggest reasons I like using a planner is because I don't have to forget anything!

Monday, July 16, 2018

[31 Days #16] Planner Walk Through: Lists Section & a Note About That Inbox

On day 12 I talked a little bit about my dashboard and how behind it I have blank paper that serves as my "inbox."  I didn't go into a lot of detail about the inbox but it is really a big deal in the GTD system.

When you first get started with this system, you are encouraged to write everything that you've been thinking about into your inbox.  The planner world also calls that a "Brain Dump".  Once that's done, you take every item your wrote down and process it - you put it somewhere and sometimes that is a list.

My list section holds several different lists and like my projects section, I keep an index as the very first page to list all my lists!  😏

My current lists are:

  1. Someday List
  2. Priority list
  3. Planner To Do List
  4. Christmas Wish List
  5. Cleaning Tasks List
  6. Master Goal List

Sunday, July 15, 2018

[31 Day #15] Planner Walk Through: Projects Divider

So, with GTD (Getting Things Done), I've learned that a project is considered to be any event or item that takes more than one task to complete it.

Cleaning Out The Basement:  Project
Throw away broken vacuum cleaner in basement:  Task

As I do my daily and weekly reviews, I am often triggered to write down tasks that need doing.  Cleaning the basement is something that keeps rearing its ugly head!  I know that it is not going to get finished in a day, so I decided to make it a project.  The first thing I did was to write that down in my projects index so that I always have a short list of the projects I am working on.  I may actually do a projects page in the near future with detailed lists and instructions, but for now I just added a next action to my projects to do list.  I'm not ready to jump in to basement cleaning with both feet, but to get started I am having both of my teen boys to go downstairs with a trash bag and get them to try and fill it up with their stuff that they longer need or want.  If there's anything worth saving, maybe they'll have a give away bag to go along with their throw away bag.

Weekly & monthly reviews are key to always having things, such as projects, consistently before you.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

[31 Days #14] Planner Walk Through: Weekly Divider

There's not a LOT to say about the weekly pages.  Some planners put them behind their monthly spread but I like everything having their own divider because it makes it easier for me to find!  The weekly pages used to be planner central for me during the week - I kept my to do list on the individual days, appointments, menu, bills, etc, but now most of that information is captured on my daily pages.  With the GTD method it's broken down a little more.  Now I only have day and time specific items on the weekly insert, with the bills due along the right side.  I like

Friday, July 13, 2018

[31 Days #13] Planner Walk Through: Daily Divider

One thing I like about the GTD system in a planner is that I can follow the guidelines but still use my own personal taste as far as insert design goes.  Brandy Michelle Plans on YouTube uses the GTD system and vlogs extensively about it. I recommend checking out her channel.  Here style has changed over the years as far as her daily pages go, but as far as I can tell she is using 2 days on 1 page and while I am getting used to a new system, I'm trying to do things the way she does.  I made the inserts below, she has similar inserts available in her etsy shop.

My usual daily pages (in my half size planner) usually has a lot going on - tracking water, meals, appointments, to do's - and it's all over the place.  I do like that, but for now, I like doing my pages bullet style and I still track all those things - just differently.  The circles down the side of Monday is how I tracked water, and the heart was to check off when I exercised.  I might write dinner down on one line or just refer to my inbox where I wrote the menu when I as planning my grocery list.

I made the today marker from some letter size dividers I bought at Target ($2.99 with plenty left over for more page markers, dividers, and even dashboards.  The brand is Yoobi.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

[31 Days #12] Planner Walk Through: Dashboard

Since I have changed planner sizes, quite a bit has changed, so today I am going to show you how my planner is working for me this week.

We will start with the dashboard.  In the past I have just used the front of my first divider as my dashboard but decided to do something different this time so I could utilize both sides.  My husband tends to save birthday cards and I raided his stash for an appropriate size.  I cut front of the card to size, punched holes and that was it.  Instant dashboard!  I keep a little sticky note on it to jot down quick items that I know we need to buy.  I used to keep a note of outstanding checks and debits to cross of when they cleared the bank, but moved it to my money section.  It may come back - we'll see how that works.  The second side has more sticky notes, an adhesive pocket (stamps) and an orange page flag reminder (this one says "H20 jugs and Aldi bags" that I put on my grocery list because I often forget).

After the divider (you'll see it on the right in the above picture), I have a couple of reminder cards that I use with the GTD system:  my daily planner routine, my weekly planner review, and my weekly checklist).  There's also a couple of blank pages that serves as an "inbox".  That's where I jot down information that I don't have time to process, but will get to when I go through my daily planner routine or my weekly review.

I keep a little notebook near my planner that I use to keep notes.  If I have a lot of going on, I will put inbox items in there.  Basically, it's a place to brain dump.

Tomorrow we'll talk about my daily section!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

[31 Days #11] Adhesive Pockets, Ya'll!

I heard something somewhere (Instagram?  You Tube?) the other day about adhesive pockets at Target's Dollar Spot.  I had already been thinking about making some sort of pockets for one of my dividers but hadn't decided how to do it.

Today, after picking up my son at 9 am from his Cross Country Camp, I headed to Target to check out the Dollar Spot.  I was disappointed that there wasn't a planner section like I had seen so many times before (but they were putting stuff out so maybe I just didn't wait long enough), but I did spot the adhesive pockets that were priced at $3 for about 20 of them.

Life changer!