Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dam Bridge Run 10k - 2018

Today my youngest ran his fourth Dam Bridge run in Florence.  We were up bright and (too) early, but that's a runner's world for you!  I enjoy watching Jonathan in his element and talking to all the friends that he has made over the past several years.  He didn't meet the goal that he set for himself, but he did shave four minutes off his time for last year.  I know I'm the mom, but I think that's pretty darn good!  More pictures after the jump.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Using Your Planner to Plan Your Meals (plus a freebie!)

I finally gave in and created a dedicated section in my Malden (Ochre, personal size) for meal planning.  As a homemaker, it is a big part of my day-to-day.

Here is what I have included in my meal planning section:  a weekly meal planner, a list of my family's favorite meals, a list of new recipes I want to try, and customized grocery list.

Weekly Meal Planner - I use a meal planner to organize my menu for the week.  I homeschool so that means we eat a lot of lunches at home.  My boys are involved in a lot of youth activities with our church, plus they have other outside sports activities they participate.  Sometimes it is hard to know who is going to be home when!

My meal planner has areas to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner (they basically eat all day long, ha!) and there's an extra line for whatever I need.  Currently, I have been writing appointments on that line - not to keep up with appointments, but to help me figure out what kind of meal to plan.  Sometimes they are both gone during dinner, so my husband and I might eat out or eat something simple.  There's another section for notes and I use that to plan what batch cooking I'm going to try for that week. You can download a Compact size version (4.25 x 6.75) of this planner here.

I haven't always had a list of favorite meals in my planner.  My recipe box serves the same purpose, but more and more I am finding myself meal planning on the go, and having it there with me saves me from wracking my brain on what to prepare.

My customized grocery list initially took a while to create, but it has saved me so much time in the grocery store.  It is arranged in the order that I walk through the store and it cuts down on forgetting an item.

Feel free share about your own meal planning setup - it would be fun seeing how others do it.

Thanksgiving Note Paper

Have you started making your endless Thanksgiving lists yet?  That is exactly what I will be doing this week - Thanksgiving will be here in just a little over 10 days!!

This note paper is perfect for your to-do's, sharing your Thanksgiving recipe or maybe even for sweet notes of thanks.

This note paper is formatted for planners that can use 8.5 x 5.5" inserts.  Please click here if you would like to download a copy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Homeschoolers - Free Academic Year At a Glance!

Speaking of school planning, I am knee deep!  Today I needed a year at a glance page for my attendance and threw this one together.  This freebie has two years at a glance calendar printed on letter-sized paper.  It starts on August 2018 with a Sunday start (I have to have my calendars start on Sunday, but not my week at a glance pages - weird!) and ends July 2019.  I printed the page and cut down the middle.  I have two students so it works perfectly.  Here's the link

PS - You might notice that October doesn't have the weekends highlighted - that has been corrected!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Health Section

I've mentioned before (probably several times, LOL), that I am a post kidney transplant patient.  Although I am definitely glad to be alive, I encounter a number of ailments and side effects from the drugs that I take.  I track unusual symptoms and change in my health to reference at my quarterly appointments with my nephrologist.  One of the biggest reasons I like using a planner is because I don't have to forget anything!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Projects Divider

So, with GTD (Getting Things Done), I've learned that a project is considered to be any event or item that takes more than one task to complete it.

Cleaning Out The Basement:  Project
Throw away broken vacuum cleaner in the basement:  Task

As I do my daily and weekly reviews, I am often triggered to write down tasks that need doing.  Cleaning the basement is something that keeps rearing its ugly head!  I know that it is not going to get finished in a day, so I decided to make it a project.  The first thing I did was to write that down in my projects index so that I always have a short list of the projects I am working on.  I may actually do a projects page in the near future with detailed lists and instructions, but for now, I just added a next action to my projects to do list.  I'm not ready to jump into basement cleaning with both feet, but to get started I am having both of my teen boys to go downstairs with a trash bag and get them to try and fill it up with the stuff that they longer need or want.  If there's anything worth saving, maybe they'll have a giveaway bag to go along with their throw away bag.

Weekly & monthly reviews are key to always having things, such as projects, consistently before you.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Weekly Divider

There's not a LOT to say about the weekly pages.  Some planners put them behind their monthly spread but I like everything having their own divider because it makes it easier for me to find!  The weekly pages used to be planner central for me during the week - I kept my to-do list on the individual days, appointments, menu, bills, etc, but now most of that information is captured on my daily pages.  With the GTD method, it's broken down a little more.  Now I only have day and time specific items on the weekly insert, with the bills due along the right side.