Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Planner

It's been so long since I've posted that I'm not sure you guys are even around anymore to see a new one!  Still, I have some time to share so that's what I'm doing!  <smile!>

This summer finds me back in my Malden after using a pretty turquoise blue Recollections planner, from Michaels, this past Spring. The leather is durable and pretty and is set up perfectly for me to use as a wallet.  The back inside cover has a pocket for a notepad and my iPhone fits inside just right.  I can see myself using it for many years to come.

It was a year ago that I switched from using a half-size (8.5 x 5.5) planner to personal size.  I had always said I couldn't use one that small because I needed room to write, but I have found that I have all the space I need.  To be honest, now I can't imagine using the bigger size again!

The first thing I see when I open my planner is a plastic page protector.  Small slips of paper and other items go here - such as receipts and stamps.

My first section is labeled "Ideas," which is really just the inbox.  I can scribble anything here that I need to write down quickly and process it later.   A brain dump wouldn't be out of place here, and I often keep extra paper in the back of the divider.

The very next divider is "Lists" where I keep, you guessed it, lists!  I follow Brandy Michelle Plans who is a big Getting Things Done (GTD) fan.  I've modeled a lot of my planner after hers because it is so functional and it works do well!  Check out her videos on YouTube.  Anyway, lists here include my goals, weekly & monthly review checklists, a packing list, my medication list, and frequently used addresses.

I have a section for projects I am working on and then my calendar is in back:  Month on 2 pages, Week on 2 page, and 2 days on 1 page (I call my daily sheets).

Lastly you'll find a-z tabs, that are really for addresses, but I use them as a filing cabinet, tucking away information in alphabetical order that I will need later.  I also add things such as my hair color number, some account numbers, passwords, and single pages that don't need a section and divider.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Planner Peace 2019

So, do you have planner peace?  I remember the first time I heard that term and wondered, "what the heck is that?"  Since then I have come to realize that it means different things to different people.  Some are talking about the looks of their planner (size, stickers, accessories), while others are focused on the function of their planners.

As far as looks are concerned, I am quite content with my personal size Malden, but as a functional planner, planner peace consists of having the right elements to take care of my day-to-day use.

1.  A-Z divider tabs - I recently bought a set of Franklin Covey A-Z phone tabs to fit the size of my planner (compact size) and it works better than the half size tabs that I had cut down to size.  These tabs are used as a filing system of sorts where I record account numbers, passwords, makeup shades, grocery list blanks, random lists (chores, wishlists, etc.), and more.  Some of the information goes directly on the dividers, some is written on a sticky note and put on the correct divider, and some things are hole-punched and put behind the correct tab.  This idea works for me because I don't like a ton of tabs and when I need to add new information, I can just file it away behind my a-z tabs.

2. Daily Pages - To be honest, I did not start out as a daily page kind of girl.  I almost always had room on my week on 2 pages horizontal spread to plan out my week.  Only when there was a particularly busy day did I pull out a daily page, but this year things have changed.  This is my first year using daily pages from Franklin Covey and I have liked them even more than I thought I would.  As a matter of fact, I'm not using weekly pages at all.

As you might already know, FC has a prioritized task list and schedule on one (left) page and a daily notes section on the second (right) page.  My biggest concern in the past is that I didn't need all that space and that I wouldn't know what to write on it.  Gosh, that's changed.  I've quit using sticky notes to write my quick trip shopping list and jot it down on my notes page instead.  On Friday's I write my menu on the note page.  Sometimes I  keep church notes on Sunday.  Sometimes I flip back to find a near-empty note page and I'll doodle.  At the end of the day, if it is still empty, I'll journal about my day.  I'm finding there are all sorts of things to write on a note page.

3. Monthly Pages - I once experimented with a month on one page and didn't like it at all.  I think I will always be a month on 2 pages girl.  This year I am using FC's monthly calendar and really loved the built-in month tabs.  They are tiny and not in the way at all.

4. Zippered pouch - my planner has pockets to put cards, etc. in but I really wanted something that I knew for sure would be secure, so I store stamps, sometimes cash, and an extra bookmark for my pagefinder with a pouch.

If I have these things in my planner, I'm at peace with whatever planner I am using.  What are your must-have elements in your planner?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Franklin Covey Compass Card [printable]

Since I decided on Franklin Covey inserts for 2019, I've been interested in the other parts of the Franklin System, namely the FC Weekly Compass CardsTonya Plans has an excellent video that you should see if you are interested in learning more.

I tend to want to use inserts before I actually buy them so I usually make my own test-drive version.  Mine doesn't have exactly the same dimensions as the FC card, but it works well for me in my FC Compact size pouch/page finder.

If you are interested in your own Compass Card test-drive, download a copy of mine, here.  I print on both sides of letter size paper and then cut them out and fold each in half.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Re-Purposing Packaging

Last week I found these clips, ruler, and washi tape at the Dollar Tree.  I tend to look for more functional items rather than pretty and these fit the bill.  Really, the only things I really like are the binder clips.  The heart clips and ruler I can live without.

I have 3 or 4 rolls of washi tape so It will be good to add another to my collection; the other rolls are 2-3 years old - I tend to make them last.

Oddly enough, the thing I was the most pleased with was the packaging.  It's all very cheap - $1 you know - but it is extremely functional.

It all came in a plastic ziplock bag of sorts.  It had three holes punched down the side, and I punched it again so that it would fit mine.  I'd probably pay $1 just for the zipped bag.  This zipper bag cost $7.19 on Amazon.  Again, the quality isn't perfect, but it works very well.

Half 2019 Year at a Glance

Sorry for the fancy blog post (NOT!) but I figure it is better to go ahead and post this rather than waiting forever to find the time to make an appropriate post.

I have a simple year at a glance calendar for those who need it in half size.  You can download it here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

Week on 2 Pages with Time Block

From the archives:  once upon a time, I used daily pages only on occasion and did all of my planning using week on 2 page inserts.  The layout below is one that I liked a lot.  The image below shows how I used it.

4/26/16  This is practically identical to the layout I am using now with the exception of the schedule bar down the middle.  I'm not sure how this will work for everyone but in my head, it works.  I saw a layout on Pinterest with the time scheduling and thought I would like to try it since sometimes the tasks fill up the page, a schedule would block out my busy times.  Here's how I plan to use it:

Appointments or scheduled tasks are written on the appropriate time side and I circle the time.  I blocked the time two ways:  drew a box around the busy times (Tuesday) and I circled the time I would be busy and drew a line down when I would be through (Thursday)  Maybe this one would be a good one to send to Giftie so she could show us different ways to use it!

This layout is undated and formatted for a half-page insert.  Print on letter-size paper, flip and print the other side.  Cut down the middle and punch your holes!

Friday, December 7, 2018

18 Ways To Use A Daily Note Page

I am doing something totally new with my planner in 2019 (as mentioned in previous posts).  I'm using a 2 pagers per day layout with Franklin Covey inserts.  For the month of December, I am using free inserts that are very similar to the FC method.

While determining if I need 2 pages per day, I considered the different ways I might use a second page.  I did a lot of research and kept a running list of the ways other planners used a notes page, which I am sharing with you today.

  1. On church day, take notes in Sunday School and during the message.
  2. Instead of a separate Gratitude list, write your daily gratitude on your notes page.
  3. During your daily quiet time, take notes on the scripture you read.
  4. When someone asks for prayer, add them to a dedicated spot on your notes page.
  5. If you have a blank page from a previous day, use it to practice lettering or to improve your handwriting.
  6. Jot down your weekly menu on menu planning day.  Add a temporary page flag for quick accessibility.
  7. Use your notes page as a place to journal or write the day's events.
  8. Watching your weight?  Add your daily food journal for added accountability.
  9. Keep a log of your phone calls and details discussed.  Be sure to add this to your monthly index in case you need to find this information at a later date.
  10. Deal with medical issues?  As a transplant recipient, keeping up with health symptoms is important.  Use your notes as a place to write down unusual symptoms and how you're feeling.
  11. Jot down important information from emails you've received or at least directions on how to find that email if needed (and note it in your monthly index).
  12. Doodle!  I usually do that on a blank or hardly used page from a previous date.
  13. I have a friend who does a daily scripture writing challenge - your notes would be a perfect place for this.
  14. Are you a dreamer?  Jot down your dreams - it's a good idea to do that as soon as you remember them.  If you are like me, you forget the details quickly!
  15. Like quotes?  Write down your favorites in your notes.
  16. Meeting notes
  17. Shopping list - I do this when I have a small list.  If I am doing my weekly shopping, I use a dedicated list.
  18. Track expenses, water intake, daily exercise, medication, daily routines, mood, etc.  Track everything!
I went from thinking I would never be able to use a notes page, to wondering how in the world would I fit everything in!

How do you use your notes page?

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If so, please comment below with your usernames.  I'd like to follow more planner people and I'm sure my readers would as well.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Notepaper Wednesday {Freebie}

Bet you didn't know that Notepaper Wednesday was a thing, did you?  I saw this charming little elephant (Roll Tide!) blowing kisses and thought he would look cute on some notepaper!  You can download it below.

Monday, December 3, 2018

FREE 2019 Half Size Monthly Pages

Want to hear something funny?  After making my monthly pages for 2019 (Compact) and sharing them here with you, my Franklin daily pages arrived and I discovered they included monthly pages as well!

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and do the monthly pages in half-size as well.  If you can use them, download them here.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Free 2019 Compact Monthly Pages!

I finished my 2019 Monthly pages for next year and I'm sharing them with you. You will need to print them on paper that measures 4.25" x 6.75".

I have reasons for making the inserts this way.  I do not print the calendars back to back, but instead, print a monthly index on the back of the first page and a master task list on the back of the second (in keeping with the Franklin Covey method).

If you download and use these inserts, I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know - sharing a picture on social media would be a huge bonus!  Let me know if you would like to see more inserts like this. To download, click the image below.