Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Look At My Planner

Almost 14 years ago I bought my first real planner.  I didn't have the boys yet and I wasn't working.  I'm not sure why I thought I needed one but even then, I loved paper and forms and creating.  I remember paying $25 for it [real leather, you know], so it has help up very well over all of these years of disuse.  Over the years, I attempted to use it several more times but I honestly didn't have much to keep up with!

Enter:  the iPhone.  As much as I love paper and organization, I equally love computers and technology.  Oh the number of apps I've used to keep up with my life.  As a homeschooling mom and a kidney transplant patient, I have a few more things to track and keep up with.  I enter every appointment in my phone and set up an alert to remind me of the things I can't forget.

But sometimes I need to keep notes - write more than just the dates - and where am I going to stash that receipt or brochure I need to keep?  I figured it was time to pull that planner out again; and as much as I love to create forms, you can believe I had lots of  fun pulling my planner together.

The only thing I need to keep up on a daily basis is homeschooling and it just has to have a binder of its own - plus, that one has to be full-size.  So, there are no daily pages in my planner.  I rely on a to-do list in the very front (8½ by 3½) with a week at a glance page right behind it.

Next, under a tabbed divider, I have my monthly pages.  I created a blank form for this and I fill in the dates - simply because it drives me crazy to type in the dates on the right day and then try to print them back to back without mixing up the numbers!  You can find that for HERE.

From there, I have lots of tabbed dividers for all the things I want to keep up with.  Under LISTS, I have a Honey Do List and a list of things to do on our weekend getaway.  I have a homeschool tab for our local covering where I keep up with activity planning for our weekly Friday School.  Other tabs include SHOPPING (online orders), HOMEMAKING (schedules, etc.), CELEBRATE (sleep over planning, birthday lists) and lots more.

I rarely ever print a form that is in color - probably because I'm a cheapskate (frugal?) but I still wanted some color in my planner so I bought some neon card stock to make the dividers.  I traced the dividers that were already in my planner (white tabs) and hand wrote my tab categories.  I was okay with that but kept thinking how much nicer it would look with a nice font.

After a little thought, it occurred to me how I could use my graphic design program to create them.  I opened a new document and drew a horizontal box that was 8½" by 5½".  I decided how big I wanted my tabs and drew boxes for them and tried to space them equally down the side.  Next I typed in the categories and printed them out one by one.  I used my paper cutter to cut them all out.

I decided I like the way they look, even if they were a bit bigger than I had originally planned.  To finish them up, I took my hole punch and made small notches in the corner.

And there you have it, that's what my planner looks like.  Feel free to ask any questions or make comments below.

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  1. Oh, I like the look of your tabs after you used your hole punch. Good idea! I'll have to try it.