Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekly on 2 Pages for Half Size

I spent a little bit of time on this today until I got it just the way I wanted it.  On screen I thought it looked so boring but once I printed it out - I realized that I love it!  There's a lot of open space to jot notes or doodle and a place on each day to write to-do's.  I haven't used a two page spread before but I think I am really going to like it.  I hope you do, too!  You can get it here:  ≡  ≡

Half - updated

Please click for a larger view.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Half-Size Month on Two Pages - September 2014 - December 2015

I finally figured out what I needed to do to turn my half-size, month on two pages, into PDF's to share with you.

In the links below you will find calendars for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015.  To print them out, you will have to take your letter size paper and cut them in half and put them in your printer.  From there it will be easy, print one page at a time and them flipping them over for the next page.  With my printer, I flip them over side to side, not top to bottom.  I think each printer is probably a little different.

Above is what the calendar looks like after printing.  Pretty plain, huh?  If you keep scrolling, you'll see what I did to my August 2014 calender with colored pens & pencils and neon washi tape to match the cardstock I used for dividers.

Cheapskate that I am, I use a free software program to create my inserts, therefore it will only let me create 4 pages per file.  Sorry about that but FREE for me means FREE for you!  :D  

Download Here:

June - July 2015

Undated Daily Planner with To Do List [Half]

This is a screen shot of the daily page.  This page is white - I am sorry that the screenshot came out greyscale!    See in the second column the "Check This Out" section?  You can write an important note, doodle or use it for whatever you wish.  I also made it the same size as a 1½ x 2 Post-It note.

You can download this half-size daily page here:  Daily Page

Things To Do (without the scripture)

Here's a version of the Things To Do List without the scripture reference.

Screen shots can be distorted, please see the full version.
Download Here

Things To Do List with Scripture

This to do list is for a 8.5 x 5.5 planner but is to be printed on a full sheet of paper.  There are 3 lists to a page and cutting lines are at the top of the page.  There is a smaller margin on the right to allow room for writing after it has been punched on the left.  Clear as mud?  :)  This one also has a scripture:  "Whatever you do, work with all your heart as working for the Lord."

Screen shots can be distorted, please see the full version.

Friday, August 15, 2014

September Dated Week at a Glance

These are not formatted to print back to back.  If that is something you need, leave a comment and I'll try to figure out how to do that!  :)

Screen shot is distorted - please view full size!
Download Here

September Dated Week at a Glance - Full Size

Screen shots are distorted, please see the full-size view.
Download Here

Monday, August 11, 2014

Planner Contents

This is where I keep an index of where I've put things in my planner.  It's more helpful than you would think!

Download Here

Friday, August 8, 2014

Simple Prayer Request List

I wanted a simple form to jot down prayer requests and made this for my planner.  Be sure to print it on 8.5 x 5.5 paper.  If you need 2 to a page, let me know.