Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[2014] 31 Days of Planner Fun Introduction!

It's time for 31 Days in October!!  Using a planner consistently has changed a lot of things in my life for the better.  I am finding there really can be a place for everything and it helps if you know where that is!  I use my planner to keep up with doctors appointments, appointments for my boys, homeschool activities and more.  Thanks to online groups, I am learning new tips and hacks all the time to help "things" go more smoothly.  During the next 31 days I will share a lot of those tips with you as well as give you a look at my planner, share new planner printables and even host a giveaway or two.  I hope you'll come back and visit!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Graph Paper Tip

Again, I have a tip that you all might already know about but it's new to me so maybe it might be new to some of you as well.

I like using graph paper in my planner that I print off the internet.  I never seem to be able to save the link so every time I need some, I spend too much time looking for just the right size and color.

Yesterday as I was waiting for something to print, I started fiddling with the settings on the display pad of my printer.  I had seen "extra" or "other" settings but had never looked at them.  As I was clicking through, I came across a screen where I could choose "stationery" and "paper" and found graph paper!  I printed a sheet and it was perfect!  It had the teeniest tiniest border that was almost non-existant - the grids completely covered the whole page.

Check out the settings of your printer, probably the newer models.  Maybe you have something similar.  I use an Epson wireless printer that was less than $100.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

31 Days of Planner Fun in October

Aack!  It's been a little over a week since my last post!  I didn't mean to let so many days go by.  This year both boys are in junior high and our school days are even longer than before, trying to get everything in!

I am gearing up to participate in 31 Days in October, have you heard of it?  In years past I have written about 31 Days on a Plant-Based Diet and 31 Days of Plant-Based Menus.  This year I am writing about - wait for it...

31 Days of Planner Fun!

There's only less than a week to go!  I have my posts planned out and will be sharing my planner in depth, planner inserts and even a couple of give-aways!!  Be sure to stop by on October 1 and check it out!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How a Money Tab Works For Me

There are as many ways to use a Money tab as there are people.  Some people keep a register in their planner and keep up with their balance that way.  Others may not use checks but a cash only system, complete with envelops, instead. A series of checklists may work better for other s.

My husband and I favor comparing our balance online with the bank's balance.  When you have two people using the same account, you will come up with a problem or two if you don't have a system in place.  Since we use online banking, I don't have to worry about my hubby forgetting to tell me of a purchase.  What *has* been a problem in the past is not taking in account automatic withdrawals or other payments that might take a few days to clear when checking the balance.

I had to figure out a plan for that and it is as simple as you might guess.  I made a planner insert titled "Outstanding Checks or Payments" (right) and I included these columns: date, check numberor debit, paid to, amount and cleared? There's not many I have to jot down since we pay online as much as possible but occasionally I will have a check that I am waiting on to clear or a payment that takes a couple of days.  When my hubby calls me and asks what our balance is, I check this sheet first and then the banks balance.  I love it when a simple plan comes together.  People may laugh at you when they see your planner and how organized you are but I like to think I might have the last laugh!  We haven't had any "oops!" since I started doing this.

And then there's paying with cash.  We pay our landlord and our homeschool administrator (tuition) in cash because they do not make regular deposits and want the money taken out of our account almost immediately.  Another simple little thing I do is keep a 4x6 card (below) in my binder with our monthly bills listed down the side and checkboxes to to tick whenever I pay that bill.  I also keep write these in my calendar and tick them off on my weekly calendar but I love having an at-a-glance look at what bills are still left for the month.

So, I have my bills in my weekly calendar with a checkbox, they are also listed in my monthly calendar and they are listed on the 4x6 card.  It sounds like a little bit overkill, doesn't it? ~grin~  Maybe so but I don't mind, it is working very well; and even though I have all these listed, I still keep a post it note on the divider with the the months September through May and cross off the month every time I pay off our homeschool tuition.  It's my planner, though, and it has to be all about what I like and what works for me.  Your planner doesn't have to make sense to anybody else!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paper Clips!

I have been playing with paperclips this afternoon. I watched several YouTube videos before I finally was able to make heart clips. Aren't they cute?!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Using Bookmarks in Your Planner

I mentioned yesterday how my planner seems to be constantly changing, even in the few short months I have had it.  My To-Do list was in front and I used this green divider to flip over to my weekly page.  I really didn't use my weekly page very often until I ditched the To-Do list and spread my weeklies over two pages.  That's when the divider became a bookmark.

Not that I am using my weekly pages, they have become my to do list, which I seem to like better since the list doesn't seem so random.

When you have a daily routine, you don't necessarily have to list that on your to-do list day after day (unless you want to).  Things like making the bed and brushing your teeth come naturally.  For jobs that don't come as naturally, reminders are often necessary.  That's where my bookmark comes in handy.

Emptying the dehumidifier is something that my husband wants my boys to do daily.  It is in the basement and it is not something that we think about as part of a routine.  To help us remember, I listed the days of the week on my divider and then wrote the task on a yellow post-it note (see it in the picture?) and put it on my divider next to M-F.  Everyday I see that reminder and pass it on to the boys and check the post-it note.  Every week I make a new post-it note and replace the old one.

I also keep a post it on my bookmark for things we need - things that are not pressing but things we want to get in the future; for me, that would be new scales (ugh - who needs that!?).  On the other side of the bookmark I have a post it flag that says "Pray for J".  She asked prayer for a particular thing and I told her I would pray - so I keep that there to remind me to pray often.

Do you use your bookmark for anything other than...a bookmark?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Homeschool [Christian] Printable

Our homeschool group has been going through 31 Days of Homeschool Prayer (found here).  I realized that I would want to go over it several times and I made this printable as a bookmark to keep in my planner under "Prayer".  I made it half size and after it was printed, I folded it in half and punched my holes.  You could, of course, leave it unfolded but it is formatted in two columns - I wanted it to be more of a bookmark.  I put 5 check boxes under each scripture to mark off when read (for each time I go through them).  If you would like to have this in a different size, please feel free to let me know.


We Have a Facebook Page

Did you guys know that Planner Fun has a Facebook page?  Wanna see?

The Evolving Planner

It has been almost two months since I started using a planner.  I had fun making inserts, divider, buying a few colored pens...I even shared my setup with my readers.  Using it daily has made such a great difference in my life.

I came up with the perfect setup ::grin:: so why am I surprised at how much it has changed since then?  My guess is that planner types are always on the lookout for new and different ways of doing things; ways to be more efficient and I think that is what has happened to my planner.

I started off with a to-do list in the very front of my planner - no cover page, no divider, nothing - just the to-do list.  That was followed by a week at a glance on one page and then my monthlies.  The idea of having a new page everyday didn't appeal to me and the weekly page worked well with a to do list..until it didn't!  ::hee::

The to-do list is gone and now I have a weekly calendar on two pages.  This has been a great addition to my planner and it is working well.  I have plenty of room to make notes as well a section for a to-do list for the day.  I only have room for six items on my to-do list as I don't list household chores.  Sometimes the list carries over and I always glance over the entire week to make sure I get everything done.

For the month of August I used this monthly calendar and had a great deal of fun making it colorful and pretty.  By the end of the month I knew that I wouldn't want to continue trying to drawing something in every square and came up with this calendar that I am enjoying quite a bit.

I've made a few more changes but nothing major.  I added a Christmas section to start planning ahead for the season and I have combined a few sections and tried to streamline things a little better.  It's been lots of fun for me.  I recently added this tiny 5-drawer desktop container to keep up with my supplies

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tip: When You Don't Have a Multi-Hole Puncher

I can't believe I am just now figuring this out!    I have Day-Timer planner with 7 holes.  When I add things to my planner I punch every single one with my single, hand held hole puncher.  It's not that big of a deal - I just grab a sheet that I have already punched and use it for a guide - except sometimes I make mistakes and it is a little off, or I punch a little more to the right or left than I should.  It works, but not the most efficiently.

Today I was looking at my page lifter and thought, those are perfectly spaced and if I used it for a guide, I couldn't go a little to the left or right because it is made of hard plastic!  Genuis!!

It's not a full 8½" in length so I center it (I just make sure there is the same amount of white space on each end like shown to your right) and make sure the edge of the paper is lined up with the page lifter.

I gently slide my hole puncher into one opening and pull it towards me until it won't move and then punch - by doing that, I make sure the holes are all lined up as well.  I hope you figured this one out a lot sooner than I did and, if you didn't, I hope this helps!

Have any tips you want to share with us?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Finish the Year with this Freebie!

I stepped into a whole new world (for me) this afternoon when I bought my first pack of 24 weight copy paper.  Who knew a few extra pounds could make such a difference!?  I made this monthly calendar this morning to finish out the year (I knew I couldn't commit to 2015 yet, ~grin) and couldn't wait to print it out.  It looks great!  I've already gave my boys the "do not touch my paper" speech (they have to use the "less bright" stuff!!)

So if you just want a calendar to finish out the year, you might want to give this one a try - and while you are at it - why not use some good paper to print it out?


Half size 

Wondering why I don't put the calendars in one file?  Read my explanation.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bible Study Notes

I've spent time in the past looking for a planner insert for Bible study notes.  I didn't want anything complicated and finally decided I should just create one in the popular SOAP format for myself!  Need a different size?  Let me know in the comments.

Download SOAP Bible Notes:


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FREE 2014 Christmas Planner

My life is crazy organized since I started keeping everything I needed to know in one place - my planner! This year I am determined that Christmas will be the same way - that means I start NOW! I've been working on some Christmas inserts to make a Christmas planner for this year. Since I use a half size, that's where I started. Look at the pages, if you are definitely interested in having them in a different size, leave a comment and I will work on that. There's a sample below, click the links to see the rest.

Please Note:  I will be adding to this "collection" in the next few days as I think of other things I might need, so check back.  If you have any ideas for a Christmas printable, again, leave a note in the comments.

Half-Size Downloads:
Christmas Baking List
Christmas Budget List
Christmas Card List
Christmas Journalling Pages 4 pages - Memories, Notes, Traditions & Journal
Merry To Do List
September through December Calendars
Christmas Schedule Planner (for Christmas Day, Parties, Dinner, etc.)

I would love feedback - let me know what you think and what you would like to see!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daily Schedule

It's not often at all that I have to plan my day out down to the minute; but when I do, I like to use this schedule to keep up with it all.  One example of how I use it is Thanksgiving Day.  I have my entire family (20+) over and I use a schedule like this to remember when the Turkey goes in, when the potatoes should be started, etc.  

Half (2 to a page)

Christian-Themed Daily Page

I was trying to organize my printable files this morning and found this one.  I will probably tweak this one eventually but decided to post it now in case someone could use something like this.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to post screenshots but obviously haven't yet.  This planner insert is half-size and has a white background, not gray like the image seems to show.  It's undated and has a section for Quite Time or Bible Study notes, top 3 tasks, things to do, menu for the day and a prayer list.  Let me know in the comments if you like it OR if you would like to see more inserts like it.  


Monday, September 1, 2014

Week on Two Pages for A5

This is my first attempt to make the A5 size planner insert. In order for it to work, I am pretty sure you have to run A5 paper through your printer.  There may be a way to print on half size and shrink it down but that wouldn't be necessary since I have created this in half size as well!  :)

Download A5 Week on Two Pages Here