Thursday, September 25, 2014

Graph Paper Tip

Again, I have a tip that you all might already know about but it's new to me so maybe it might be new to some of you as well.

I like using graph paper in my planner that I print off the internet.  I never seem to be able to save the link so every time I need some, I spend too much time looking for just the right size and color.

Yesterday as I was waiting for something to print, I started fiddling with the settings on the display pad of my printer.  I had seen "extra" or "other" settings but had never looked at them.  As I was clicking through, I came across a screen where I could choose "stationery" and "paper" and found graph paper!  I printed a sheet and it was perfect!  It had the teeniest tiniest border that was almost non-existant - the grids completely covered the whole page.

Check out the settings of your printer, probably the newer models.  Maybe you have something similar.  I use an Epson wireless printer that was less than $100.

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