Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How a Money Tab Works For Me

There are as many ways to use a Money tab as there are people.  Some people keep a register in their planner and keep up with their balance that way.  Others may not use checks but a cash only system, complete with envelops, instead. A series of checklists may work better for other s.

My husband and I favor comparing our balance online with the bank's balance.  When you have two people using the same account, you will come up with a problem or two if you don't have a system in place.  Since we use online banking, I don't have to worry about my hubby forgetting to tell me of a purchase.  What *has* been a problem in the past is not taking in account automatic withdrawals or other payments that might take a few days to clear when checking the balance.

I had to figure out a plan for that and it is as simple as you might guess.  I made a planner insert titled "Outstanding Checks or Payments" (right) and I included these columns: date, check numberor debit, paid to, amount and cleared? There's not many I have to jot down since we pay online as much as possible but occasionally I will have a check that I am waiting on to clear or a payment that takes a couple of days.  When my hubby calls me and asks what our balance is, I check this sheet first and then the banks balance.  I love it when a simple plan comes together.  People may laugh at you when they see your planner and how organized you are but I like to think I might have the last laugh!  We haven't had any "oops!" since I started doing this.

And then there's paying with cash.  We pay our landlord and our homeschool administrator (tuition) in cash because they do not make regular deposits and want the money taken out of our account almost immediately.  Another simple little thing I do is keep a 4x6 card (below) in my binder with our monthly bills listed down the side and checkboxes to to tick whenever I pay that bill.  I also keep write these in my calendar and tick them off on my weekly calendar but I love having an at-a-glance look at what bills are still left for the month.

So, I have my bills in my weekly calendar with a checkbox, they are also listed in my monthly calendar and they are listed on the 4x6 card.  It sounds like a little bit overkill, doesn't it? ~grin~  Maybe so but I don't mind, it is working very well; and even though I have all these listed, I still keep a post it note on the divider with the the months September through May and cross off the month every time I pay off our homeschool tuition.  It's my planner, though, and it has to be all about what I like and what works for me.  Your planner doesn't have to make sense to anybody else!

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