Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tip: When You Don't Have a Multi-Hole Puncher

I can't believe I am just now figuring this out!    I have Day-Timer planner with 7 holes.  When I add things to my planner I punch every single one with my single, hand held hole puncher.  It's not that big of a deal - I just grab a sheet that I have already punched and use it for a guide - except sometimes I make mistakes and it is a little off, or I punch a little more to the right or left than I should.  It works, but not the most efficiently.

Today I was looking at my page lifter and thought, those are perfectly spaced and if I used it for a guide, I couldn't go a little to the left or right because it is made of hard plastic!  Genuis!!

It's not a full 8½" in length so I center it (I just make sure there is the same amount of white space on each end like shown to your right) and make sure the edge of the paper is lined up with the page lifter.

I gently slide my hole puncher into one opening and pull it towards me until it won't move and then punch - by doing that, I make sure the holes are all lined up as well.  I hope you figured this one out a lot sooner than I did and, if you didn't, I hope this helps!

Have any tips you want to share with us?


  1. Try taping your paper to you lifter so it wont slide

  2. I love this idea and use it all the time

  3. Do exactly what you are doing, but add a binder clip to hold the template and the paper that you plan to punch together. Simple and effective.