Thursday, September 11, 2014

Using Bookmarks in Your Planner

I mentioned yesterday how my planner seems to be constantly changing, even in the few short months I have had it.  My To-Do list was in front and I used this green divider to flip over to my weekly page.  I really didn't use my weekly page very often until I ditched the To-Do list and spread my weeklies over two pages.  That's when the divider became a bookmark.

Not that I am using my weekly pages, they have become my to do list, which I seem to like better since the list doesn't seem so random.

When you have a daily routine, you don't necessarily have to list that on your to-do list day after day (unless you want to).  Things like making the bed and brushing your teeth come naturally.  For jobs that don't come as naturally, reminders are often necessary.  That's where my bookmark comes in handy.

Emptying the dehumidifier is something that my husband wants my boys to do daily.  It is in the basement and it is not something that we think about as part of a routine.  To help us remember, I listed the days of the week on my divider and then wrote the task on a yellow post-it note (see it in the picture?) and put it on my divider next to M-F.  Everyday I see that reminder and pass it on to the boys and check the post-it note.  Every week I make a new post-it note and replace the old one.

I also keep a post it on my bookmark for things we need - things that are not pressing but things we want to get in the future; for me, that would be new scales (ugh - who needs that!?).  On the other side of the bookmark I have a post it flag that says "Pray for J".  She asked prayer for a particular thing and I told her I would pray - so I keep that there to remind me to pray often.

Do you use your bookmark for anything other than...a bookmark?

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