Friday, October 31, 2014

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{31 Days #31} We Made It!

Woo Hoo, I did it!  31 Days of Planner Fun - Did you have fun?  I sure did.  I enjoyed making the printables, writing posts and reading your comments.  Please continue to visit as I don't plan to stop blogging or making planner inserts, although I might slow down the pace just a bit!!  ::smile::

Today I am going to share a printable that was a suggestion from the DIY Planners and Organization group I follow on Facebook for a checkbook register in Personal Size.  If you would like to see it in another size, please leave a comment and I will accommodate you!

Through this 31 days series I have been inspired by all of you and have received many great ideas regarding the direction of this blog for the future.  I welcome your comments and suggestions and especially ideas for new FREE planner inserts.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Personal Size Checkbook Register

Thursday, October 30, 2014

{31 Days #30) Weekly Pages Roundup

Here's a round up of weekly pages found on the web:
and here is the weekly layout that I am currently using in an undated version:  lined weekly on 2 pages.  I am seemingly continually tweaking this layout as I go along - but I really like it.  Recently I added some faint check boxes and an area to add my dinner plan, as well as a faint line down the middle to divide the day up.

Do you have a weekly page you would like to share?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{#31 Days #29} Free Daily Pages - Web Round Up

31 Days in October is winding up!  These last three days I will be rounding up free daily pages, weekly pages and monthly pages from around the web.  If you would like to share yours on these last three posts, please send me the link!

Here's what I have found:

Day Planner from DDG
Daily Planner from The Daily Twines
Daily Planner from I Heart Planners
{the plan} from Biblical Homemaking
Daily Planner from Ann Voskamp
Customizable Daily Docket from Money Saving Mom
Daily Planner/Fitness spread by Life’s a Journal
Colorful full Daily planner by All Buttoned Up
Daily Docket from
Daily Planner from

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{31 Days #28} Blog Planner Insert

I love blogging but need more of a plan than to just post here and there.  I made this simple printable to keep up with blog ideas and tasks.  I feel much better about my blog when I pre-schedule posts and this planner insert helps me do just that.


Monday, October 27, 2014

{31 Days #27} Planner Hacks

Sometimes the simplest and easiest tips can make such a huge difference in the way that you do things - tips that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"  I am listing some of my favorite tips, mostly in the form of links, below:

The Reverse Highlight - a visual way to see what tasks you have completed.  Highight the competed tasks and the tasks that are undone will stand out.

Double-Punched Planner Inserts - be sure to see the video!

Recently I told you about my new Vera Bradley planner (bought the 2014 version for $2 and replaced the inserts with my own); I love how colorful it is but there is no place to clip a pen!  I tried storing it inside the rings (didn't work) as well as just clipping it to my dashboard (wouldn't stay).  Recently, my Secret Sister gave me some bookmarks made of colorful cardstock and paper clips and I was reminded of the paperclip hack I posted a few weeks back, where I clipped one to the inside pocket and bent the clip up.  I took my bookmark clip and taped it to the inside of my binder and then bent the clip up - presto!  I was so glad to find a pen solution!

Easier Hole Punching - Why didn't I think of that?

Use your "Today" bookmark as a mini-docking station.

Use erasable pens in  your planner.  I have learned that Frixion has great pens and they are now on my wish list!

Giftie Etcetera:  Top 20 Planner Tips & Hacks (Video)

Double Hole-Punched Planner Inserts

What are your favorite planner tips and hacks?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

{31 Days #26} Planner Facebook Groups

When I started creating/using a planner in earnest, I joined a ton of planner Facebook groups.  Seriously, did you know there were so many out there?  During the few weeks I spent scoping them out, two clear favorites came into view, DIY Planners & Organisers & Giftie Etcetera.

I've told you about Giftie Etcetera's blog; her Facebook group is a fun place to continue the conversations that began on her blog.  I love the opportunity to communicate with like-minded planners.

Another favorite is DIY Planners & Organisers.  It's main focus is the Do It  Yourself aspect of creating your own planners, whether it's from making your own inserts or finding them online to create a custom planner that works for you.

I recommend both of these groups especially to those who are beginning new planners.  Don't be shy - jump in and ask questions - there are lots of lovely people on these groups who are willing to share their knowledge with you!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

{31 Days #25} Planner Fun Facebook Page

Did you know Planner Fun has a Facebook page?  Come visit and you'll find sneak previews of new printables, notifications of new blog posts, fun discussions and even exclusive printables!  It's also a good place to give your suggestions and ideas for printables you would like to see on the blog.  Please join us!

Friday, October 24, 2014

{31 Days #24} Planners & Pinterest

I've shown you below some of my favorite Planner boards on Pinterest (well, the first two are mine).  Of course there are a gazillion pins that you can look at - knock yourself out.  If you are looking for something specific on Pinterest, be sure to also be very specific with your search times - have fun!

Check it Out:
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Follow Becky Perry's board Planner Fun Blog on Pinterest.

Follow Becky Perry's board Planner Ideas & Sites on Pinterest.

Follow Yezenia Hernandez's board DIY Planners & Organizers Group on Pinterest.

Follow Lorri K's board Planner Junkies Printables on Pinterest.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

{31 Days #23} New Printable - Project Pages

Today I have created a projects page and have made several sizes for you.  If you like it and are able to use it, please let me know - I love getting feedback.  I especially welcome constructive criticism as I continue to try creating sizes I'm not as familiar with!

Print on both sides of your paper, trim as needed, and you are good to go.


Check it Out:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{31 Days #22} Decorating My Planner Pages

A few years ago I pulled out the only planner I had ever bought and thought, "I really should use this".  I started looked on Facebook for some groups to get me motivated and started seeing a lot of planners similar to this one: 

My mind was blown, to be quite honest.  I had stopped scrapbooking in 2003 as soon as my 2nd baby's first year baby book was finished (say that 3 times fast) and this planner looked like it was scrapped!  No, I didn't have time for that and eventually the thought of using a planner was set aside.

Fast forward a few years and I looked a little deeper in some of these groups (I'll tell you about my favorite one this week) and began to see there were definitely different styles that ranged from functional planning to the heavily decorated planner.

It's all about a combination of what you like and what works for you.  I like the looks of these colorful planners and I know I could have fun galore with stickers and washi tape but actually decking out my planner wouldn't work for me for two reasons:  1.  I definitely don't have the time and 2.  I wouldn't have enough room to write in my planner!

Last July is when I jumped back into keeping a planner.  I made my first set of monthly pages and started writing dates in.  I would doodle in the boxes of the dates that were past if they were blank.  It was lots of fun - but then (home) school started and the rest is history.  I was glad to have done that though because it gave me an idea of what I liked.  I like clean, crisp, white pages and I do like a pop of color.  I also like room to write and lined dates.  That's when I made my second set of monthly pages!
These pages had less white space at the top - the month covered the entire page - and I added faint lines in each day to write on.  Yeah I liked these better.  It was right around this time that I started using weekly pages that functioned as my to-do list and my monthly pages began to take a back seat.  Now I only use my monthly pages to write in dates, not to decorate.  It has worked out very well for me.
I am glad I found my decorating style early on because it saved me from making a lot of unnecessary purchases.  I still am tempted to buy Washi tape just to have it because it is so cute!  :)  Speaking of Washi tape - I do have some.  I came across a deal when I first started and ended up with about 20 rolls of thin tape in different colors.  I will sometimes put tape on the outer edges of my monthly pages (like red for December/Christmas).  Some pretty stickers came with my Vera Bradley binder  and I've used those on the corners of some of my weekly pages.

So, that is my decorating style:  very lean to leave lots of room for functional planning.  Not to say that other styles are dysfunctional, but functional for me.  What's your style?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[31 Days #21} 2014 Personal Size Christmas Planner

Since so many of you use Personal Size Planners (6.75 x 3.75), I have been wanting to try my hand at making inserts for them.  Half size is easy:  create the insert on one half of a sheet, copy and paste it to the other side, print, cut down the middle and voila, you have yourself a printable.

I am finding personal sizes are not so easy, at least not yet. For today's freebies I have duplicated my half-size Christmas planners and cut them down to size, so-to-speak.  I am so thankful to Patty at Homemakers Daily for sharing her method of creating and printing & cutting personal size planner sheets.  At the bottom of these Christmas sheets I have included the URL where she explains how she cuts her pages and know that it will be helpful.

For me, creating pages this size is a work in progress and I hope you will bear with me!  I welcome any suggestions or ideas on how to improve them!

Download The Christmas Planner

The Planner Includes:
Christmas Baking List
Christmas Budget
Christmas Notes
Christmas Journalling
Christmas Calendars (November & December)
Christmas Merry To Do List
Christmas Schedule
Christmas Card List

Check it Out:

Monday, October 20, 2014

{31 Days #20} Breaking it Down: Files & Future Section

On Day 3 I talked about my project pages; the section where I keep my current projects that I am working on now.  My Files section is a continuation of that section except the projects are no longer current.  I don't keep every project that I have ever have, just the ones that might be relevant information I will probably need in the future.

Here's an example, every year in our homeschool church group, I usually volunteer to be in charge of the Valentine's party.  Since February is coming up, I already have a page in my Projects section that I have titled "Valentine's Party" and I jot down different ideas that I would like to do.  When the party is over, I will save it because I can use that information again next year (or maybe pass it along to another mom who might be in charge).  I will move it from my "Projects" section (and cross it off of the projects index) to my "Files" section and will index it just like I do on my projects index.  I am a real fan of this method since it helped me get rid of unneeded divider sections.

Future pages.  Another way I learned  (from Giftie Etcetera) to pare down the size of my planner is to use a "future" section instead of keeping the planner full of daily, weekly and monthly pages.  I only keep a month's worth of weekly pages, 3 months of monthly pages and 1 or 2 daily pages (as needed).  So, our homeschool group gets together in Juy and plans the whole school year at one time. We set the date for the Valentine's party in February of the following year, where am I going to write it down if I only have 3 months of Monthly pages?  That's right, in my Future Section!

In that section I have a yearly calendar on 2 pages and a future planning sheet.  I have the months that are coming up listed on this page and when a future event comes up, I jot it down on this sheet along with necessary details.  When it is time to add more monthly calendars to my planner, I check this future page and fill in my calendars.  Great system!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a post on Accessories, Supplies, & Organization!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

{31 Days #19} Another Printable For You (Half & Personal Sizes)

I will be honest, I did not come up with this idea.  I saw it on Pinterest and there was no link connected to it so I thought I would try to duplicate it.  This insert is especially good for those who like a timed daily schedule - it starts in the morning and goes through to the evening.  Let me know if you like it!

Half-Size 2 on 1 page Daily Planner v1
Personal size 2 on 1 page Daily Planner

(Sorry, no preview this weekend!)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Popping In

Hey guys!  I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day wherever you are.  In the south I am enjoying a high temperature of 70!!  Fall is definitely in the air and, sometimes at night, it seems like winter is in the air!

I've mentioned several times on this blog that I welcome suggestions for free printables.  If you have in mind something that you would really like to see, you should really let me know!  I love making them and I love even more knowing that I'm making something you would actually like to have.

So, leave me a comment and tell me what kind of planner insert or printable you would like to see on my blog!!

{31 Days #18} It's Saturday!

Okay, I will admit it - I am totally punting today.  I have been writing my posts a couple of days ahead of time but the end of the week has been very busy for me.  Yesterday our homeschool group met (we meet 3 Fridays every month) and I was responsible for teaching.  The boys were going camping with their youth group - a last minute excursion - and I was getting them ready.  So, last night it was just me and my hubby and while I was planning on chilling and writing some posts, he wanted to take me out - who can say no to that?

So, this morning I'll be sharing a pdf with you of graph paper.  Yes, graph paper!  I know, I know - you can find it anywhere on the web.  I used to forget which site I was using and then couldn't format it the same way I did the time before so I saved it as a pdf and have been using it over and over.  Maybe it might come in handy for you, too!!  I'll be back on Sunday with more posts and printables!

Friday, October 17, 2014

{31 Days #17} Chore Lists In My Task Divider

Originally I was going to write about my school divider and how I use it in my planner; but then I changed it.  After a month in a half of keeping my lesson plans in my planner (which I loved) I realized that I needed more dividers to keep up with attendance lists, lesson plans, Friday School plans, etc.  I didn't really want to add more dividers to my planner so I moved all my school to my previous leather bound planner and added some simple dividers.  So now I have two planners!  :)  I will go more in depth with my school planner at a later date.  But today I want to show you how I am using chore charts and my task divider.
Chore Charts are the bane of my existence.  No seriously, they are!  I can't tell you how many I've made and how many I have used online.  I can't seem to make everything fair and even between my boys - and today I decided I didn't have to!  That decision made everything much easier for me.

I created a simple little form and listed a few chores and the weekdays.  Instead of making two chore charts - one for William and one for Jonathan and then switching chores every week (or every month, sometimes every other day - see how it drives me crazy?), I just made one.  Under yesterday's column, I wrote the initial of who I wanted to complete the chore and as they completed each chore, I used Giftie Etc's neat little reverse highlight tip and highlighted the ones that were completed.  That allows me to see at a glance which chores still need to be completed and by who.
So, you might be wondering, why do I keep their chore charts in my planner?  Yeah, that's a good question.  Like I said, I have tried it all - charts on cards, on stickies, on paper behind protectors, dry erase name it.  I'm sure it is my fault they don't work; either I didn't stick with it long enough or I wasn't hands on to train them to stay on task.  I've found out though, they do work best with a directive and then a return "what's next".  I like it too because I like knowing what they are doing (are they procrastinating?) and when they are finished.  Okay, I also like using my highlighter!

This is just something that works for me and I thought I would share it in case someone else needs a little change up with chores for their kids.  Keep visiting my blog, I may have a totally new Chore Keeping System by next month.  In the meantime, here's a blank table that you can try out for your chore system.  (Since it is blank, you can use it for anything you want to track).


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

{31 Days #16} Bonus Printable: Undated Daily Page

Want to know why I call this a "Bonus Printable"?  I planned all my 31 days at one time and this particular printable wasn't on my original list.  As a matter of fact, it's something I came up with yesterday morning and decided to share.

You've heard me mention Giftie Etc's blog and if you have watched any of her recent videos, you might have noticed that this page is similar to her dated daily page.  I immediately loved the layout when I saw hers - especially love the schedule at the top of the page.

The box at the top is for the date.  You'll see in the image to your right what mine looks like when I've printed out some dated pages.  Of course you could always write the date in at the top of the page and use that box for something else.

As a homeschooling mom and a housewife, I am at home the majority of my time and I thought I didn't really have need for a daily page - that was until I watched Giftie's latest video:  A Daily Plan.  Go by and take a look at it!

Download It HERE

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31 Days (the 31 Days host)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{31 Days #15} Free Money Printables

As promised yesterday, I am sharing some money printables with you today!  They are very simple but that's what I like best; you could fancy it up by adding some dollar sign stickers!  :p

Half (2 on 1 pg) Outstanding Bills & Payments
Full-Size Outstanding Bills & Payments
Full-Size Bills Checklist

Sneak Preview:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{31 Days #14} Breaking It Down: My Money Section

Thanks for sticking with me as I break it down and tell you more in depth what I have in my planner.  I didn't originally plan on having a money section.  My husband does a great job with the bills and often we find ourselves working together:  deciding what needs to be paid, balancing our account, paying online, and things of that nature.

When I started my planner, I thought:  "It sure would be helpful to have a little check list of our bills in my planner."  My often will often ask me if we have paid such and such and since my planner is nearly always with me, I'd have the answer quickly.  So, I made a checklist, listed all our bills with a place to check each one off every month, and printed it on a 4x6 card.  It was so handy.

Then, one day I getting a current balance and I couldn't remember if a specific check had cleared (although we write check numbers and amounts in a register, we keep up with the balance online).  This kind of gave way to another printable for my planner.  I created a simple page and used these columns:  one to record the date a check or online payment was written (or to be paid), another column for the payee, the amount paid and a place to check if it had cleared or not.

Now when I get our balance online, I quickly scan this sheet to see if everything has cleared; if not, I subtract the amount from the bank balance to get the amount we can really spend!  After reading this, I realize it might even sound complicated but it is quite simple.  People have so many ways of doing things but this is one that has worked for me.  It has been very helpful to my husband as well and he appreciates how the work I put into keeping a planner has benefited our whole family.

Tomorrow I will share a copy of my Outstanding checks or Payments sheet as well as the monthly bill checklist.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

{31 Days #13} Breaking it Down: Food Section

From the very first week of my marriage, over 21 years ago, I have made a weekly menu and shopping list.  It wasn't because I was [necessarily] on a budget but because I couldn't stand not knowing at the start of the day what I was having for dinner.  I would have friends who would start wondering what they were going to eat at 4:00 in the afternoon.  It made me anxious!!  ~smile~  So, I have always had a meal plan, even if it was cereal one night, eat out the next and frozen meals, LOL!

Having a consistent method of planning, though, hasn't been my strong suite.  After all the many menus and recipes I have made and collected, I still find myself sitting down with paper and pen and wondering what we would eat for the week.  I couldn't recall favorites and sometimes I just wanted something simple.  Earlier this year, I started something new.  It certainly isn't an original idea; I was reminded of a system I saw on Pinterest and my idea grew from there.

It involves sticky notes of the flag variety.  I typed up a little printable to use but truly, you could just use graph paper or any note paper.  Down one side write down the meals that you are planning for.  You could do all three daily meals or, as I did, just the weekly dinner.

As I made my menu, I would write down the dishes or recipes on a sticky note and put it by the night I had planned on making it.  As I created a collection of these notes, I kept the extras on a sheet of paper behind the menu.  Now I have several and when I get ready to plan, I look over my meals and choose which ones I am going to make.  Sometimes I move them around and sometimes I move them to the next week.  Oh yeah, I actually have two "Dinner This Week" sheets in case I want to plan the following week before the current week is over.

Sometimes on the facing (blank) page, I'll make a note on a sticky that lists the side dishes I want to add, if the meal needs one.  Right now I have a note to remind me of theme nights I might want to follow (Pizza night, Crockpot Night, Kid's Pic, etc.)  Post-It Notes are your friends!

I try to keep this section simple and I don't include recipes in my planners. I keep all my recipes on 4x6 cards in a file box (I also have a good selection of plant-based cookbooks that I use regularly).  If I find one online that I want to try, I bookmark it on the computer or phone and print or write it down on a card only after I have made it and I am sure my family would like to see it repeated.

It works for me!

Be sure to check out my 31 Days Introduction for a list of topics I am covering this month!  Also, for more 31 Day topics (and there are a lot!) check out the 31 Days blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

{31 Days #12} Breaking it Down: Tasks (and Pick a Printable)

At the end of these 31 days I want to offer a special printable for everyone that has been hanging with me throughout 31 Days in October.  I've decided I wanted to take a poll - I just hope I don't get 57 different ideas instead of a majority!!

What kind of printable do you think I should offer?  If you have an opinion, you should try to be very specific in what you think it should look like:  a half-size menu planner?  a letter size to-do list with space for a daily routine?  Just leave a comment with your idea, please.

≡  ≡  ≡  ≡

So, today I am up to my tasks section.  To be honest, I do not utilize this as much as I should.  I mainly have a few lists that need taking care of.  I have a "someday soon" list that includes things like "repair the old laptop" and "change out the plug in the living room".   I have another task list that is labeled "Sunday Tasks" and is basically a list of things I should be doing on Sunday to make the coming week run smoother.  One of those things is to check to see if my husband has clean work clothes (he's a painter).  More items include having a lunch plan for the following day, lesson plan preparation and review my planner.

I am currently trying to work on a system that works for me regarding keeping the house cleaned.  I've got the decluttered part down but I have some issues with the physical part of cleaning.  My hope is to create some tasks lists and a plan to keep the cleaning done on a regular basis.  Any ideas?  (I guess I should add that I deal with joint pain and energy-loss)  :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

{31 Days #11} Write It All Down & "The Rule"

It's the weekend - hurray!

Today I just have a tip or two for you.  I wasn't long in the world of planning before I discovered the importance of writing things down.  All of a sudden I didn't forget to order refills, or run an errand for my husband, or even to empty the dehumidifier (I let my buys handle that one).

I can't tell you how freeing it has been to have place - one central place to write things down.  I have learned many tips and hacks over the past couple of months and I am thinking maybe I should write down where I heard them so I can give the proper people credit for their good ideas!!

There is nothing too mundane to write down.  I had a big day today at Friday School (homeschool group).  I was in charge of several things and I wrote down all the things to remember on my weekly page under Friday but I was so afraid I'd forget to check my list in the busyness of the morning that I also left myself a note on Thursday to check Friday's list for the day and you know what?  It worked!  I remembered the school pictures payment, the 1st semester reports, the lunch, the giveaway books and my secret sister's gift.

Now here's a really good tip and, again, I wish I knew where I heard it first; it's another rule  If you didn't see me write it down, I probably didn't.  My 12 year old asked me to keep a bike log for him of miles biked and I've got it tucked away into my planner  He's forever yelling from another room, "That's two more!" or something of the sort.  If I am in the middle of something, I'm not necessarily going to stop what I'm doing and log his miles.  Now he knows that he has to tell me and then watch me write it down before he can be assured that I did.  I find that tip to be very helpful!

Enjoy your weekend - see you back here tomorrow!

Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days Bonus Printable: 2015 Year at a Glance on 2 pages (Front & Back)


I made this to go under my "Future" tab.  It is half-size with the first part of the year on one side and the second part of the year on the other.  After I printed it out, I folded it in half vertically and hole-punched it on the left side (opposite the fold).  I do this because now when I turn to my future events, I can see the calendar and my future page.  This way I can see if the event I'm writing down is on a weekday or weekend or if I already have something planned for that day.

{31 Days #10} Free: Two Calendar Printables; Dated & Undated

Welcome back!  I can't believe we are up to {Day 10} already!!  As promised, I have some monthly pages for you.  First up are my original pages I created this past summer.  There is lots of room at the top to decorate and/or doodle.  These are dated pages starting now and end in December of 2015.

[Just a little note why there are several files to download instead of just one:  I use a desktop publishing program called PagePlus Starter and because it is free, it has certain limitations - one being that I can only create four pages in one file.  Like I said, the program is free but so are my printables, it's a win-win situation!]

≡ June - July 2015

Next up is an undated version of my current monthly pages.  As I mentioned yesterday, I will share the dated 2015 pages in November or December, just as soon as I create them!

≡ BONUS:  Dated November & December 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Vera Bradly 2014 Agenda Unboxing

2014 Agenda in Lilli Bell (#12785142)
$25.00 $1.98

and I got free shipping...

How could I not??

Yes, I know there are only 3 more months left in the year - but you don't understand!  Vera Bradley, $2.00!  I would have never paid $25 for it even at the first of the year because I'm cheap and I like my inserts to be customized to what works for me but for $2 I will pull out the inserts and put my stuff back in.

I can also use the mini-address book that was included and I'm sure I can use the monthly dividers in some way as well.  The stickers?  I'll probably use them but they are not something I usually go for.  Vera Bradley still has some of these left.  I sure would've like to have had one in the Heather pattern as well but I bet they went fast!
The only downside for me is that there is no pen holder but I am sure I can work something out.  There has been some talk in the Facebook group wondering how the actual planner will hold up.  Well, technically I guess it is only meant to hold out for a year!  :)  I'll use it until I don't want to anymore and then pick my faithful, leather DayTimer back up.

Enjoy my colorful unboxing!

{31 Days} Bonus Printable

Last week I started trying some weekly pages that came from My Life All in One Place.  I really love all the open white space with lots of room to write and have enjoyed using them.  I got to thinking my space would be more efficient, not to mention neater, if I had lines to write on.  Last night I recreated the page with faint lines and I really love it!  I share it with you here:

Half-size, weekly on 2  pages, undated & lined

Here is a partial capture to give you a glimpse of what it looks like:  the horizontal lines are very faint and there is one vertical line down the middle in case I want to list my Most Important Tasks or some other item separately.  I'm hope you are able to use it!