Friday, October 10, 2014

{31 Days #10} Free: Two Calendar Printables; Dated & Undated

Welcome back!  I can't believe we are up to {Day 10} already!!  As promised, I have some monthly pages for you.  First up are my original pages I created this past summer.  There is lots of room at the top to decorate and/or doodle.  These are dated pages starting now and end in December of 2015.

[Just a little note why there are several files to download instead of just one:  I use a desktop publishing program called PagePlus Starter and because it is free, it has certain limitations - one being that I can only create four pages in one file.  Like I said, the program is free but so are my printables, it's a win-win situation!]

≡ June - July 2015

Next up is an undated version of my current monthly pages.  As I mentioned yesterday, I will share the dated 2015 pages in November or December, just as soon as I create them!

≡ BONUS:  Dated November & December 2014

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