Saturday, October 11, 2014

{31 Days #11} Write It All Down & "The Rule"

It's the weekend - hurray!

Today I just have a tip or two for you.  I wasn't long in the world of planning before I discovered the importance of writing things down.  All of a sudden I didn't forget to order refills, or run an errand for my husband, or even to empty the dehumidifier (I let my buys handle that one).

I can't tell you how freeing it has been to have place - one central place to write things down.  I have learned many tips and hacks over the past couple of months and I am thinking maybe I should write down where I heard them so I can give the proper people credit for their good ideas!!

There is nothing too mundane to write down.  I had a big day today at Friday School (homeschool group).  I was in charge of several things and I wrote down all the things to remember on my weekly page under Friday but I was so afraid I'd forget to check my list in the busyness of the morning that I also left myself a note on Thursday to check Friday's list for the day and you know what?  It worked!  I remembered the school pictures payment, the 1st semester reports, the lunch, the giveaway books and my secret sister's gift.

Now here's a really good tip and, again, I wish I knew where I heard it first; it's another rule  If you didn't see me write it down, I probably didn't.  My 12 year old asked me to keep a bike log for him of miles biked and I've got it tucked away into my planner  He's forever yelling from another room, "That's two more!" or something of the sort.  If I am in the middle of something, I'm not necessarily going to stop what I'm doing and log his miles.  Now he knows that he has to tell me and then watch me write it down before he can be assured that I did.  I find that tip to be very helpful!

Enjoy your weekend - see you back here tomorrow!

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