Sunday, October 12, 2014

{31 Days #12} Breaking it Down: Tasks (and Pick a Printable)

At the end of these 31 days I want to offer a special printable for everyone that has been hanging with me throughout 31 Days in October.  I've decided I wanted to take a poll - I just hope I don't get 57 different ideas instead of a majority!!

What kind of printable do you think I should offer?  If you have an opinion, you should try to be very specific in what you think it should look like:  a half-size menu planner?  a letter size to-do list with space for a daily routine?  Just leave a comment with your idea, please.

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So, today I am up to my tasks section.  To be honest, I do not utilize this as much as I should.  I mainly have a few lists that need taking care of.  I have a "someday soon" list that includes things like "repair the old laptop" and "change out the plug in the living room".   I have another task list that is labeled "Sunday Tasks" and is basically a list of things I should be doing on Sunday to make the coming week run smoother.  One of those things is to check to see if my husband has clean work clothes (he's a painter).  More items include having a lunch plan for the following day, lesson plan preparation and review my planner.

I am currently trying to work on a system that works for me regarding keeping the house cleaned.  I've got the decluttered part down but I have some issues with the physical part of cleaning.  My hope is to create some tasks lists and a plan to keep the cleaning done on a regular basis.  Any ideas?  (I guess I should add that I deal with joint pain and energy-loss)  :)

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