{31 Days #18} It's Saturday!

October 18, 2014

Okay, I will admit it - I am totally punting today.  I have been writing my posts a couple of days ahead of time but the end of the week has been very busy for me.  Yesterday our homeschool group met (we meet 3 Fridays every month) and I was responsible for teaching.  The boys were going camping with their youth group - a last minute excursion - and I was getting them ready.  So, last night it was just me and my hubby and while I was planning on chilling and writing some posts, he wanted to take me out - who can say no to that?

So, this morning I'll be sharing a pdf with you of graph paper.  Yes, graph paper!  I know, I know - you can find it anywhere on the web.  I used to forget which site I was using and then couldn't format it the same way I did the time before so I saved it as a pdf and have been using it over and over.  Maybe it might come in handy for you, too!!  I'll be back on Sunday with more posts and printables!

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  1. Thank you! Also thanks for the daily page similar to Giftie Etcetara's. I've been using it it all week and it's fabulous.