Monday, October 20, 2014

{31 Days #20} Breaking it Down: Files & Future Section

On Day 3 I talked about my project pages; the section where I keep my current projects that I am working on now.  My Files section is a continuation of that section except the projects are no longer current.  I don't keep every project that I have ever have, just the ones that might be relevant information I will probably need in the future.

Here's an example, every year in our homeschool church group, I usually volunteer to be in charge of the Valentine's party.  Since February is coming up, I already have a page in my Projects section that I have titled "Valentine's Party" and I jot down different ideas that I would like to do.  When the party is over, I will save it because I can use that information again next year (or maybe pass it along to another mom who might be in charge).  I will move it from my "Projects" section (and cross it off of the projects index) to my "Files" section and will index it just like I do on my projects index.  I am a real fan of this method since it helped me get rid of unneeded divider sections.

Future pages.  Another way I learned  (from Giftie Etcetera) to pare down the size of my planner is to use a "future" section instead of keeping the planner full of daily, weekly and monthly pages.  I only keep a month's worth of weekly pages, 3 months of monthly pages and 1 or 2 daily pages (as needed).  So, our homeschool group gets together in Juy and plans the whole school year at one time. We set the date for the Valentine's party in February of the following year, where am I going to write it down if I only have 3 months of Monthly pages?  That's right, in my Future Section!

In that section I have a yearly calendar on 2 pages and a future planning sheet.  I have the months that are coming up listed on this page and when a future event comes up, I jot it down on this sheet along with necessary details.  When it is time to add more monthly calendars to my planner, I check this future page and fill in my calendars.  Great system!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a post on Accessories, Supplies, & Organization!

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  1. This is really helpful to hear how you use your future pages insert. I really need to streamline my planne!