Sunday, October 26, 2014

{31 Days #26} Planner Facebook Groups

When I started creating/using a planner in earnest, I joined a ton of planner Facebook groups.  Seriously, did you know there were so many out there?  During the few weeks I spent scoping them out, two clear favorites came into view, DIY Planners & Organisers & Giftie Etcetera.

I've told you about Giftie Etcetera's blog; her Facebook group is a fun place to continue the conversations that began on her blog.  I love the opportunity to communicate with like-minded planners.

Another favorite is DIY Planners & Organisers.  It's main focus is the Do It  Yourself aspect of creating your own planners, whether it's from making your own inserts or finding them online to create a custom planner that works for you.

I recommend both of these groups especially to those who are beginning new planners.  Don't be shy - jump in and ask questions - there are lots of lovely people on these groups who are willing to share their knowledge with you!

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