Friday, October 3, 2014

{31 Days #3} My Planner and the Sections I Use

I put together my DIY planner, with the sections I thought I wanted, over the summer and since that time I have completely redone them with something that worked better.  I thought I wanted a section for every area and subject I could think of, and I probably had 12+ tabs in my planner with several more mini-tabs!  After a month I was lamenting how small my planner was.

That was when I discovered Giftie's blog.  After reading several of her posts and watching some of the videos she has made, I decided to set up my sections just like hers (with the addition of two extra tabs).  I'll share with you the sections I use and in the following days, I'll go into detail about how I use each section.

The first thing you see when you open my planner is my dashboard.  I have heard it called several things:  brain dump, dashboard, launching pad - and many use it in different ways.  My dashboard is simply a few sheets of paper that I cut out of a mini-notebook (remember I have an 8½ x 5½ planner) from the Dollar Tree.  I jot down random notes, and things I want to remember, until I have time to deal or "process" it into my planner.  I'll tell you more tomorrow!

Next I have my weekly pages.  I use a week on two pages and each day has a to-do list of 6 items and a blank space to jot down notes for the day.  My projects tab that contains things that I am currently working on that have a due date is behind my weekly tab.

Monthly pages are next.  I use a week on two pages that I made myself.  I like these better than the first set I made because I included faint lines on each day - it looks neater.  The Tasks section is next and includes what you might expect:  tasks!  I have a "someday soon" task list, a "Sunday Tasks" list and several more - we'll talk more about it later.

Having a Food section has really helped me.  It only includes a few pages but the system I have set up has changed things for the better in my household.  I keep up with financial stuff under the Money tab.  My husband and I talk about our budget each week and it has become a very helpful launching pad, so to speak, that helps us to make a few decisions and take care of things quickly

I'm a homeschooling mom and made the decision this year to keep up with all things School in my planner.  Who knew I would love it so much, even though my weekly plan sheet is half the size it was?  I'll tell you more in the days to come.

Lastly I have my Files and a section for Future dates and planning.  There are things in my Files tab that are no longer pressing but things that I need to keep and the Future tab is for dates, you guessed it, in the future - I only have a few monthly sheets in my planner at a time so this is a landing place for things I will need to put in when I add new months.

If you've stayed with me this long, thanks!  These sections will be more interesting as I go into more details - with pictures.

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  1. Hiya! Thanks for this post, super interesting to see your set up. I too adapted Gifties system into my filofax, I have a video on my youtube channel if you are interested? :). Are you going to go through your sections in depth later on? I'm particularly interested in your Food and Money sections.