Saturday, October 4, 2014

{31 Days #4} Breaking It Down: My Dashboard

What is a Dashboard?  There are a lot of different ideas and uses but for me, a dashboard is the beginning.  It is the first thing you see when you open my planner, as you can see in the picture below.  I always glance over the dashboard before I head for my weekly page.

In the beginning I made a printable that said "Jot It Down" and it was nothing but a page of lines with that title.  After awhile, it seemed silly to me to print a page a lines and after watching a lot of Giftie Etc videos, I cut pages out of mini-spiral notebook I found at the Dollar Tree to use for my dashboard/brain dump (and of course I cut off the colorful cover to use as well (the 2nd picture below).

Let me break it down for you and then I'll share with you how others use a dashboard.  The first item on my page is "Grandma's walking stick".  My son is supposed to use a wood burner and put her initials in a walking stick that he found for her.  I don't really have a date that I need to accomplish this by but I want to keep it in mind to take care of soon so I jotted that down.  "Do Hard Things" is a book I am thinking about reading to my boys.  It will stay on this page until I decide when (as part of school) to read it or I might end up putting that off till later.  If I do that, I might make a sticky note and put it in my Future section.
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We're supposed to have some severe weather tonight and I wrote that down to be "weather aware".  I take a pen and mark through things I don't need to remember for later.  You'll see I wrote "Week 3 Nutrition" but it doesn't really belong there.  It's not pressing but it needs to have a "completed by" date and put in my calendar - otherwise, I'll procrastinate.

The little sticky at the bottom is a new medicine dosage that I am trying to commit to memory so I leave that there to remind me.  Truth be told, I also have a sticky on my medicine tray to remind me because it is something that I have to get right.

Having a dashboard is a useful too for me and I use it often.  When the page gets too cluttered, I start a new page and throw the old one away after transferring any items that still need attention.

Other Uses

A very popular use for dashboards is to hold various sizes of sticky notes and stickers.  I do have something like that in my planner (pictured below) but I keep it in the very back where it is still easily accessible but allows me to have a writing area in the front of my blog.  The number one thing to remember when creating your own planner is to make it work for you!!

Other dashboards:

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  1. I don't use a dashboard per say but I can see where it could be beneficial. May give it a try for a week and see how it works.