Sunday, October 5, 2014

{31 Days #5} Breaking it Down: Weekly Pages

I started out with a week on one page, went to no weekly pages only to end up with a week on two pages.  I will probably mention this several times:  your planner will probably change several times until you find just the right setup that you like.

Before the week on two pages, I had a to-do list as my dashboard and a week on one page that I didn't really use but felt obligated to look at, LOL!

Below you see what I am currently using on my 8.5 x 5.5 planner.  I created it myself and I usually print out a month at a time.  Since I made the sheets myself, I like to add the weekly dates - but undated sheets are quicker to print.

Click for a larger view.

I have four days on the left and 3 on the right, with another section for notes.  On one side of each day I have space for a to-do list with circles to tick off each task as done.  I like to write in my monthly bills on the to-do in red.  You'll see in the photo that I write in an extra check box after the bill.  I check that one off when it clears the bank.  Just a little something I do to keep me on track with my finances.

My weekly page is the first page I go to after glancing at my dashboard.  I look over the to-do list, see if there are any appointments coming in the next couple of days and glance at the week as a whole.  I often will write reminders on my weekly page as well as use sticky notes to jog my memory to do something that doesn't have a firm to-do date.  In the picture above I have a sticky to remind myself that it's time for me to buy my calcium supplement.  As a transplant patient I take numerous medications and even though the doctor prescribed the OsCal, I tend to treat it as not as important as the other medication and might even let it go for a few days or weeks.  That constant sticky note keeps nagging at me and even if I put it off, I'll move it to the next week until I take care of it.  For the record, my hubby just brought it home for me.  :)

Any questions about weekly pages?  What works best for you?  For Day 6 I will have my first 31 days printable for you:  an undated version of my weekly pages!


  1. Looking forward to your printables.

  2. love the idea of the 2 circles for bill payment. check when paid, check when posted!!

  3. I do my own pages, too, so I understand about constantly changing the layout! It's fun, though, because it means you're not stuck with one page for the whole year. I've through about 3 different weekly layouts in about the same amount of time so far!

  4. I'm trying out Weekly Pages for the first time - I've always used daily. It's kinda making me break out in hives. Haha. Just started today so I haven't decided how I feel about it. I want this to work because I waste a lot of my daily pages!