Thursday, October 9, 2014

{31 Days #9} Breaking it Down: Monthly Pages

I started keeping my planner at the end of July this year and this is what it looked like  <---

I loved the doodling and the bright colors but it started distracting me!  I tried to wait until a day had passed before drawing, but that didn't always happen and I found myself not having enough room to write actual things I needed to remember - so I switched formats.

Fortunately that is not hard to do when you're a desktop publishing geek like I am!

So this is what you see below is what I came up with.  I stretched the calendar from top to bottom so there wasn't so much white space at the top (that was where I was doing my doodling!) and I added faint lines for each day.  I think it was the lines that helped my monthly calendar become more "grown up". It's not as colorful as my first monthly calendar but for some reason, I am really pleased with the way it turned out!  The only thing I am not sure about is the month title.  Too small?

So, how do I use my monthly pages?  Well, I don't use them as an art journal anymore (just to make it clear, I am not an artist of any kind)!  I try to put only appointments in my monthly and at the beginning of every month I transfer appointments and monthly events into my weekly pages.  I started out trying to color code items but eventually I just grabbed the nearest pen; however, I still try to use a red pen for our monthly bills.

Stop by on tomorrow because I will be sharing some monthly pages with you:  My original monthly pages dated October 2014 through December of 2015 and an undated version of my current monthly pages.  If you will stay tuned to my blog past October, I will share the 2015 version of my current pages as soon as I create them!

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