Monday, November 24, 2014

Daily Page for Thanksgiving Day

This planner insert almost doesn't qualify for Modified Mondays because I modified it to the point that it really doesn't look anything like the original.

I took a daily page that I had previously made and changed it around to make a page that I am going to use on Thanksgiving Day.  All you will find on this page is a column for to-do's and a timeline in the next.  For the half-size, I have made 2 on one page - one is dated for this year and the other for 2015.

After I figure how long my turkey has to cook, I start scheduling when things have to go in and out of the oven, so it is all ready (basically) at the same time.  This page will stay in my planner for the next few days but on Thanksgiving day, I will be taping it to the kitchen cabinet!

You can download the page here:  Thanksgiving Daily Page

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