Sunday, November 2, 2014

Limited Time Offer: Custom Orders - Still Free!

I've been wanting to try this so I am jumping in and giving it a go.  I am calling it a "limited time offer" because I'm not sure how it is going to work out and I don't want to commit to it before knowing what all it will involve.  I am a mom, homeschool teacher and stay at home wife and my days are pretty full.  Planner Fun is my hobby and I enjoy it so much but as you might imagine, it isn't my first priority.  Hit me up with your ideas!

The Details:  
  • Click here and enter your name and email address on the contact form: please include the idea for your custom printable.  I will respond to your email and let you know what number you are on the waiting list.  We'll get started when it is your turn.
  • I will keep the waiting list indefinitely but ask that you keep in mind what I mentioned above, this is my hobby and I can't work with deadlines.  I will work on the orders for the duration of this blog.
  • This offer is for one (1) custom printable therefore I am not able to do dated pages.
  • Unless you request otherwise, printables will be shared on Planner Fun.  
  • You may request specific fonts on your printable as long as your provide a link to the font you want, and the font is free!  :)
  • You may request a specific color as long as you provide the color code (for example the color code for white is #FFFFFF.  Please do not request more than 2 or 3 colors
  • Please do not request printable that have anything to do with witchcraft, the occult or anything else that might be considered objectionable.  This is a personal issue for me and I hope you understand.
  • I work best with lots of emails back and forth to understand exactly what you want!
Clear as mud?  Sorry for all the "rules" but felt like the parameters should be stated!

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