Saturday, November 8, 2014

Use Your Dashboard!

As I have mentioned several times before, my planner is always changing and evolving and I like it in every stage.  Coming in only second to my Weekly Pages, my dashboard is my most used planner section.

A dashboard is different things for different people but most all would agree that a dashbaord is a landing place.  Some planners put a favorite picture that has been laminated in the front of their planner and call it a (non-functional) dashboard.  A lot of planners have a dashboard of Post-It notes and stickers while others, such as myself, just have several sheets of notepaper for a dashboard.  As a a self-declared "functional planner", this is what works best for me

Currently I am using graph paper to jot down my notes and really enjoy the lines, rows and columns.  What do I write on my dashboard?  Everything!!

Take a closer look at my dash.  As a transplant patient, I juggle a number of medications.  I had to call the pharmacy on 11/3 with some questions and jotted down my thoughts before calling - this helps me stay focused with my questions and not get flustered & distracted.  I make a detailed grocery list before shopping but when I see we are out of something during the week, I jot it down in the corner of my dashboard.

When I am in a hurry I will sometimes jot a date or event that needs to go on my weekly or monthly calendar; but always come back to m ash to enter it where it belongs.  It is treated somewhat as a to-do list and I use a highlighter to mark through things as they are taken care of or no longer needed.  when it is full, I take it out of the binder, flip it and use the other side.

I have even been known to draw a rough graphic of a printable that I want to create so I won't forget it later.  Generally, I don't have my notes in my planner but in the event it is something I want to keep or need for later, I will file it in either my current "projects" file or my archived "files" (A-Z files).

What does your dashboard look like?


  1. I did not know you were a transplant patient! Can I ask of what?

    My sister donated a kidney to our aunt about 3 years back. It was my aunt's 4th, all considered successful!

  2. Right now I have a random notepad, but when I don't find those, it's always graph paper.

  3. Think I might start using a dash board in my Filofax flex - somehow create one.

  4. I created my dashboard using a transparent slash pocket and inserting it at the very front of my planner. I cannot believe how handy it is to have this feature.

    My planner is open on a table or my desk all day. My "Daily To DO" items memorized insofar as the things that repeat everyday are concerned, but my other tasks are listed and moved to the dashboard the night before so I seem them immediately after breakfast and meds.

    I really like the simplicity of the forms you have made. Having lines is always good for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creations. I downloaded a number of them and will be printing them in the morning.

    Dianne in the desert