Saturday, November 1, 2014

What To Do When You Make Mistakes in Your Planner

Once upon a time I used to be a perfectionist type when it came to writing letters, filling out forms and even writing notes.  If I made a mistake, I was very likely to start completely over rather than use some of correction fluid or even erasing.  When I started using my planner this past summer I knew that I couldn't be doing that, even though I do make my own planner pages

As I have mentioned several times before, finding Giftie Etcetera's blog and Facebook group really help define and change the way I use my planner.  If I make a mistake now I don't get uptight about it, but there are are a few things I might do to try and hide it.

If I write something on the wrong date on my weekly pages, I handle the task as if I have already completed the task, even if it is on a future date. I check it "done" and cross through it with my highlighter (Giftie's Reverse Highlight Trick!); then I make sure I find the correct date and I write it down again.  Even though I know I made a mistake, it still follows the flow of my planner.  A mind trick, if you will!

Of course you could always use correction fluid, cover it with a full-adhesive or regular Post-It note, or even cover it with a sticker (maybe one that says "oops", LOL).

If mistakes really bother you, a pencil or erasable pen is your best bet!


  1. I don't like a messy planner. I have been using a pencil to write tasks in my planner. At the end of the day whatever didn't get accomplished gets moved to another day or forgotten altogether and I erase it from the undone day. Completed tasks are highlighted. This method is working for me.


  2. I've made numerous mistakes on my planner but I'm not too bothered by them. I'll just "cancel" and move the task to another day.

  3. I love erasers. :)