Sunday, November 23, 2014

When the Planner is not Near

I recently purchased a purse for the sole purpose of holding my planner.  I take my planner everywhere and I wanted a purse that would hold it comfortable so I didn't have to struggle to get it in and out to take a note.

Is there ever a time that my planner is not nearby?  Sure there is!!  Friday night it was in my purse when my husband reminded me to pay a bill the next morning.  I'd remember that, I thought (I actually only remembered when writing this post) but I didn't, uh-oh!

Hmm, I needed a plan for those sorts of things as well.  So, my purse wasn't near and my planner wasn't near.  What is almost 100% of the time near?  Yep, my phone!  That should have been a no-brainer since my phone calendar is what I always used to remember appointments and tasks in  my pre-planner days.

I was about to find an app for this when I realized I really didn't want to learn or become familiar with another app (nor did I want to take up any more memory than necessary).  I decided to use what was available on my iPhone and opened up the Reminders app.  It's perfect; just a to-do list that I can tic-off when the item is completed.  I can also set up an alert to remind me in a day or even to remind me when I am at a particular location (which I think is pretty snazzy).

Too bad it doesn't sync to my paper planner.  What if I forget to check my reminders app?  Well, that is possible, even though it does sit right next to Candy Crush!  That means I need to add "Check Phone Reminders" to my daily tasks in my planner.

There's always a planner solution!


  1. I finally won the battle with "Remembering to pay bills" planning. Seriously. I know when our direct deposits are made, so a number of items are paid via our bank's E-pay setup. There are a few that are automatically debited from the account, so I know which days those should happen. On the first of each month, I got to my desk turn on my laptop and pull up the bank's web page. The file folder with the "Payables" in it is kept on my desk. I open the folder, review what is there, then begin filling in the amounts of the various payments and set up those payments. I print out a copy of the payments that are listed. I check the remaining balance in the checking account. If nothing else is due to be paid in the next day or so, I make a transfer to savings and close the web page, mark all of the bills with the payment details and file the paid bills and the debit list. Our bills and other obligations are repetitive and occur on the same dates each month. For those few things that change each month, there is that "Payables" folder. I repeat the process when the next automatic deposit is due for the bills that are paid in the second half of the month. Hubby and I have always just done things this way to avoid having something go unpaid. Funds left in our checking account when the first of the deposits arrives are transferred to our savings accounts for future items, such as, taxes, vehicle repairs, vehicle registration, tires, maintenance of our home, etc. The dates are already entered into my PIM program for most of this stuff, so nothing is missed and nothing is late.

    Dianne in the desert

  2. I use a sticky notes app on my cell phone home page (and on my laptop home page) so at least if it isn't in my planner YET, it is in my face!