Thursday, November 20, 2014

Work The Program!

It is Thursday night and tomorrow is Friday school. My oldest just came into the room and said "I have nothing to wear tomorrow". Sigh.

Thankfully it is not too late to take care of the situation but obviously I would have preferred to do it earlier in the day.  Using my planner has helped me to get on top of things like this but this week, eluded me.

I realize that I should have had a note in my weekly calendar (maybe I should have been working a daily page today) reminding me to make sure the boys had school clothes for tomorrow.

I turned it into a positive but looking ahead two weeks to the next Friday school day and I wrote on Thursday "school clothes for the boys". I think I understand why Giftie circles reoccurring events - even events that you think you would never forget. I circled the reminder for next Friday school and when that day arrives, I will remember to write it forward, as it occurs three times a month.

Work the program!

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