Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12 Goals for 2015 [printable]

Resolutions?  Been there, done that.  Haven't we all?  Like everyone else I start a new year with such high hopes, only to see those hopes dashed under the weight of all the things I have resolved to do.  It's too much to put on a person.  It really is!

So, now I make goals.  Goals that are SMART.  You can write one smart goal on a project page, do a little brain-storming and come up with a plan and a to-do list.  You can make progress and not worry so much about perfection.

Here's a goal page to get you started - 12 Goals for 2015.  I'm planning on printing out several and adding one to my blog section, one to list Christian/Fath goals for the year and one for my health goals.  Don't be shy - there's plenty for everyone!!

  Available Sizes:  Letter  |  Half  |  Personal  |  Pocket

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