Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2015 Monthly Calenders (v2) - Half Size

Unless I change my mind (and that has been known to happen with my planner inserts), these are the monthly pages that I am using for 2015.  They are identical to my 2014 calendar with the exception of the font and the month titles.  Just a little something that I whipped up for me and wanted to share with you.  You can download the pages here:  2015 Monthly Calendar v2


  1. hi becky, thank you for all your wonderful printables! I was wondering if you have any homeschooling planner printables?

  2. Up in the right hand corner of my blog you will see a "Freebies" link which is an index of all my printables. There are only a couple of homeschool printables - are you looking for something specific?

  3. Thanks for the printable calendar! Was looking for something plain for my hubby's planner, but most of them are too girly. This was perfect, and love that you had each page a separate file so I can print them back to back. Seems simple to me, but lots of them aren't formatted that way.