Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Did You/Are You Using a Christmas Planner?

I made a couple of Christmas planners this year: one with several pages of lists and to-do's, and one that I called The Minimalist One Page Christmas Planner.  I especially like the one page planner because, in my book, less is moreszssa, and even though I had every intention of using it, I ended up using graph paper instead!  I guess you could say I learned something about myself - or that what I was beginning to believe about myself was reinforced.

I was drawn in to planning by the Washi tape and colored pens but functional planning side has emerged the longer I use a planner.  As you read yesterday, a lot of the fun and creativity I enjoy from planner comes from the desktop publishing (creating my own pages) aspects.

Have you ever started out using something that you really loved, only to find out that it wasn't a good fit for you (even though you wanted it to be)?

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  1. I always have such great intentions of decorating my pages, but it never turns out - a lot of space is used for actual writing and such, there's not much left for decorations!

    I don't have much to actually plan for Christmas, beyond gifts, but I am using a gift tracker. It's quite nice! One spot to hold all the gift ideas, and then what was bought, where it's stored about the house, etc. It has made my life so much easier for dealing with the stresses of the season!