Thursday, December 4, 2014

Menu & Grocery List Combo [Half]

I have made quite a few and I think this is my favorite grocery list yet!

This menu planner is a two page (back and front) printable on half size paper.  When you download the page, you will have two full-size pages that you will print back to back.  Cut them in half and you will have two menu planners.

The planner is divided into two columns - in one column create your menu and in the next write down your needed grocery items.  On the back the columns are reversed so that when you are finished, fold the list in half vertically with the grocery list on the outside, and you are good to go. I especially like this format because sometimes when I am shopping I really need to refer to my menu and now I have it with me.  Before I would plan on one sheet and make a grocery list on another.  There is a row for "other" on the second page.  I jot down household items, items needed for a party and other items I might think up at the last minute.

I buy 90% of my groceries at Aldi but sometimes I need an item they don't carry, so to keep it all organized, I take my highlighter and highlight the groceries that I need to get elsewhere.  Hope this works for you!

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