Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My One Black Friday Purchase

I do not do Black Friday - never have and quite possibly never will There is just not anything that I want bad enough to brave the early time, cold temperatures and the CROWDS! That's just me.

Late Friday afternoon I was browsing online and saw that Walmart had this label maker, regularly marked $19.99, on sale for $9.99. Since I had wanted one for awhile, I figured now was a good time to purchase.

I am proud of myself because I haven't gone around labeling everything in sight! ::smile:: I have been contemplating how I want to use it with my planner. I have been making some changes to my planner and will be making some changes. I made this divider a couple of weeks ago and because it is so different from the rest of the dividers, it really didn't need a label but I decided to test my label maker by making one for it.

I like it! I have a decent handwriting but I have never liked the way it looks on my dividers - I like everything to be uniform - these labels solve this problem. I wish the labels were clear but that is such a small problem and I am betting I can buy transparent tape for my label maker at another time. Now I need to decide if I want the labels to be horizontal or vertical.

Did you get any planner toys on Black Friday?


  1. love it!!! may have to add a label maker to my list....

  2. I love it! I purchased a label maker from target that was on clearance for $10! As for my black Friday purchases, I ended up getting a TON of Heidi Swapp items. :)

    1. I didn't even check to see how much the refill tape is! Hope it isn't more than the label maker!!

  3. Oh, that's cool! I've been contemplating if I should get a label maker too but it's quite expensive here in Malaysia. Most are selling at RM120 (USD35) upwards.

  4. I did get a little crazy on Black Friday. I got a bunch of cardstock and tabs for my planners. I am still looking for some different kinds of papers for printing things out for the planners. Have not found what I want. I also ordered some great gel pens. I already have a label maker and love it. It is an old one, but it still works -- especially if I remember to change the batteries. LOL. Dianne in the desert