Friday, December 12, 2014

New Layout for Week on Two Pages

I was doing some planning for next week when I realized that my weekly pages end on Sunday - I needed some more!  Instead of using one of the different layouts that I had already created, I made a new one - just tweaked a bit from previous layouts.

These pages are undated so you'll have to fill that in.  Underneath is a place for notes and to-do's.  The week starts with Sunday and each day also has room for notes and to-do's.  At the bottom of the notes for each day, you'll see "eve:".  If we have any evening activities going on such as basketball practice or somewhere else to go, I'll jot it down here.  I like being able to go right to this information.

Just print this page, flip it, and print it again.  Cut it down the middle and punch holes, making sure you punch the inside margins that measure ½ inch.


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