Friday, December 19, 2014

One Line Journal Page [printable]

I am trying something different this year.  I used to journal from the time I was in high school, off and on, up until I was married 21 years ago.  I love the idea of documenting life but the hours I would spend writing page after page of my "feelings" are long gone!

My monthly pages give a pretty good idea of what goes on in my household but I wanted a little more depth (but not too much, LOL!).  I saw a neat idea on Pinterest awhile back but it involved more work than I knew I would devote to it.  You basically needed 365 index card and you labeled each card with the day of the month, such as "January 1, January 2", and put them all in a card box.  You are supposed to find the correct day and write the year on the first line and a one line description of your day.  When the next year rolls around, you write the new year and another description and so on.

Lots of work but a really cool idea.  My solution, of course, is to figure out a way to do that in my planner.  This year I am not printing my monthly calendars back to back because I am using the Vera Bradley month dividers (remember again, my big bargain?) so I have my month on 2 pages but the opposite sides are blank.  I figured I could use the opposite of the first side for my one-line journaling.

So, I printed up a simple insert with January 2015 at the top and then added 31 numbered lines below.  Now, everyday I can jot something that happened that day, something clever I heard, something I want to remember and other fun stuff.  If you could use some pages like this, download them here  

So simple but very satisfying!!

[Did my graphic make you giggle like it did me? ]


  1. That's a great idea! Both using the back side of the monthly pages, and just having one line for each day! There's enough information kept in a planner, that journaling every day doesn't need to be a thing, but just a tidbit to keep note of is perfect!

  2. Good, glad you like it! I think I'm going to as well.