Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Setting Up for the New Year

January 1st is usually an exciting time for those of us who use planners.  What can be better than a new year, a new month and for some, a new planner.  I love seeing white, crisp, clean pages just ready to be filled in, color coded and doodled on.  If you're still trying to decide on your setup for the New Year, it's time to get with it!  No seriously, sometimes it is hard to decide - there are so many formats and they ALL look good, don't they?

If you are using a ring-bound system, might I suggest that you not put the pressure to choose on yourself?  I started using a planner mid-year in 2014.  I created a monthly calendar that I used for that one month and then made something entirely different - that is the only format that I have stuck with.  I have used several week on 2 pages formats and have loved everyone of them but I always find something I like to tweak and/or try.  Since I use a ring-bound planner - no problem!  I usually print out a month at a time and do commit to using it for at least a month; but if I change my mind, that's fine too.  It IS my planner, right?

Right now I am using these inserts for my weekly page and these inserts are what I use for my monthly pages.

My dashboard setup seems to stay the same.  I have a to-do list front and center and right behind that a couple of sheets of blank paper for quick notes (I cut the pages out of a $3 journal from Big Lots for those).  I had been jotting down the things we needed from the grocery store on the note pages but it made sense to me that I should just put the pre-printed grocery list that I use every week behind the notepaper and it has worked well.  (tip) The notepaper is more narrow that the grocery list so it is all easy to get to.

Want to share what your setup looks like?  Feel free to use the comment section below to share.

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