Friday, December 26, 2014

The Everything Else Planner

I have lots of new ideas for the New Year, involving planners and beyond, that I am excited about.  Now that I am organized and/or know how to stay organized, keeping up with all these ideas should be fairly easy - except I have a problem.  My planner is only so big and although I don't mind carrying around a stuffed planner, not everything will actually fit.

Since getting into the Planner Scene, I have wondered how/why people owner more than one planner.  Did they buy them like purses to switch out when they got bored or did they wear them out really quickly.  I love the idea of keeping everything in one place but sometimes that does not work (like the time I tried to keep all of my homeschooling records in my planner) and when I switch out the word "notebook" for "planner" I don't feel like I'm going planner crazy, LOL!

So, to my main planner (8.5 x 5.5 Daytimer and my homeschool notebook (8.5 x 5.5 former Vera Bradley planner),  now add my everything else planner.  It's the leather planner with a zipper (an older Daytimer) that I was using before I got my new one for Christmas.  I did NOT want a gazillion dividers so I am incorporating Giftie's index hack (somewhat modified) to keep up with everything.

I have an index page at the very beginning of my planner; since I am not keeping up with appointments or schedules, I don't need a to-do list, calendar or anything else - the index page is it.  Following that is a set of A-Z tabs that came with my new planner.   Now I am adding everything I didn't want to keep in my everyday planner - mostly things that would fall under one main category (such as food) but needs a method for keeping up with more than one section (such as menu planning pages, food ideas from a facebook group, etc.)

This would work well with an online app such as Evernote, but I am finding more and more I like having hard copies of things close at hand that I can access quickly.  I have even put a few blank copies of different inserts that I have printed but don't need yet (such as a blank index page).

I have some aspirations (I hate the word resolutions) that I want to accomplish in the coming year so I will be adding ideas and project pages as I go along.

This is what is working for me. The ideas of the 'how and what' were swirling in my brain and now that I have a plan for all this extra information, now fondly dubbed the Everything Else Planner, I can relax going into the New Year.


  1. I like this idea! Keeping all the random stuff that would need its own section in your normal planner all in one planner sounds like a great way to keep on top of all the things going on beyond day to day tasks and whatnot.
    I've tried to use Evernote a few times for a few different things, but nothing beats paper!!

  2. I have to have a separate planner for work, by law. (I'm a lawyer.) But I don't carry that one everywhere, so my bags don't wear out.

  3. I don't collect organisers, and I don't swap them for a change of colour, but I do have more than one. The simple answer why, is that different jobs in different stages of my life have had different requirements. I worked as a Programme Manager, running 5 projects and 65 work packages. There was no way I could cope with the complexity in Personal size, so I bought an A5 zipped with 30mm rings. Most of my stuff was printouts of A4 so this made life much easier. I've worked in rough places, where a more durable organiser was needed. I've used a Slimline for years, for evening functions, conferences, etc, when I don't want to carry a Personal around. I kept all of them because I never know what job I will be doing next, or what the requirements will be. Personally, I think a large part of people collecting lots of different binders may be something to do with the way ladies approach "accessorising"......but I could be wrong :)