Saturday, December 20, 2014

Whatever It Takes

Every year my Sunday School class contributes money to get a Christmas gift for our teacher.  In the past I have either forgotten about this or I have forgotten to bring cash.  This shouldn't be such a hard thing to remember but for me, apparently it is.

The reason I am even thinking about this is because I just received a text from the girl who is coordinating the gift.  I automatically picked up my planner and wrote on Saturday's date:  "Bring Cash for Carol's Gift".

Done.  The only way this won't get taken care of is if I fail to look at my calendar on Saturday.  I take that back, I have been known to look at a task and think "I have to do this" and then don't think about it again.  My calendar task should prompt me to do something.  In this case, I backed up the task with an alert on my calendar/phone for Sunday morning, about at hour before Sunday School starts - plenty of time to go by the ATM if the task was not done on Saturday.  You have to do whatever it takes!
  • Write everything in your planner.
  • Look at your planner everyday - multiple times if necessary

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