Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where Did I Put That? [printable]

As most of you know, most of the printables you see on my blog were created because I found a need for them in my own life.  Knowing that might cause you to chuckle after you've seen this one.  For most of my life I have had a pretty good memory.  I can remember phone numbers and birth dates from years ago of friends I haven't seen in forever, but when it comes to short term memory,  have been very surprised at how difficult it has been for me at times to remember where I put something for safe keeping.

Case in point:  I ordered printer ink recently and because I didn't need to replace one of the colors, I put it away in a drawer that stores crafty and office supplies.  Makes sense that I would put it there but weeks later when I needed it, I could find it anywhere and it made me slightly crazy.  It did occur to me that I needed an inventory-like sheet where I could jot down where I stored certain important items, so why not?  I made this little insert to slip into my A-Z file.  Thanks to (what I fondly call) The Giftie Method, I won't have to remember what I named the insert or where I put it in my planner because I filed and indexed it!


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