Friday, January 30, 2015

Fitness Tracker [printable]

Another simple page but it has everything I need - spaces to track my food, my exercise and to keep up with the water I'm drinking.  Tracking your food helps you figure out where you might be messing up if your weight continues to go up (or down if you are trying to gain.  Hope it works for you!

Available for these sizes:  Letter, Half, Personal and Pocket

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blood Pressure Record [printable]

Considering the printable I created yesterday, this one did not take much effort on my part.  Keeping up with blood pressure readings is important for a kidney transplant patient so this is something that I use often.  I had a request for more medical information inserts so this one qualifies!

All four sizes are included in this download.  In your printer settings, choose the page number you want printed or choose "current page" (and make sure you are viewing the page you want printed!).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weight Loss Record [printable]

So, how are we doing on those New Year's Resolutions/Aspirations/Goals?  I must say I have been doing excellent when it comes to following my eating plan but I haven't been weighing myself because my scales died!  I thought I could not weight and feel confident in the fact that I am doing what I am supposed to do.  Nope, not me!  I have to weigh!!  I like using a sheet like this to track my weight.

This time all four sizes (Letter, Half, Personal and Pocket) are in one file.    Find the size you need and when you are ready to print, either choose the page number you want to print or "print current page".

I failed to label the pages/sizes.  They are as follows:

Page 1:  Half
Page 2:  Letter
Page 3:  Personal
Page 4:  Pocket

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week on Two Pages with Agenda [printable]

I am still loving my week on two pages that I recently made.  Over the weekend I added an agenda or schedule times to the daily boxes.  I used a light grey for the times so that I could write over them on days when there is nothing scheduled.

You can upload this version HERE.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Planner Routines

Kristy at Giftie Etcetera often gets me thinking far beyond about what I would have originally thought of as planner activity.  Maybe the reason I have failed in using a planner in the past is because I had not considered or thought about these concepts or developing a planner routine.  It's true that I spent more time creating inserts and dividers and finding "things" to put in my planner than I actually did using it as a tool to schedule and help my day run more smooth. Her post today talks about useful ways to store your planner and I recommend you pop in to read all about it.  My planner stays by my desk but occasionally it will be parked beside me in the evening while I crochet and/or watch television, and it helps to have it within arms reach if I ever need to make a note.

It has taken awhile to develop a bedtime system or routine that works for me.  At first, most nights I remembered to place the planner by my bed but it is when I didn't that I would remember a whole list of things I need to remember for the next day.  The solution came in the form of a Post-it note pad that my son had put in my Christmas stocking.  I already had several but wanted to put these in a prominent place so he would see me using those particularly, and they ended up beside my bed along with the Sharpie pen he also gave me.

Last night my husband told me he would like me to make his favorite mushroom gravy again soon.  I picked up the note pad and wrote "mushroom gravy".  This morning I saw the note and brought it with me to my desk and put the note on my planner.  Later, after breakfast, it went on to my menu planning page, ready for me to plan a meal with mushroom gravy.  It works great!

Do you have a before-bed system that works for you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

For Your Fridge [printable]

I recently started putting our daily menu on the fridge and found that my family loves being able to see what we re having for dinner on any given night.  When I realized that, I began making the list a little prettier for them.  Here's an example of one of our menus that I wanted to share with you - hope you can use it!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Favorite Week on 2 Pages Yet [printable]

Okay, it is now official:  I tweak and change my Week on 2 Pages setup constantly!  There are so many good ideas online and I often take more than one and combine it into the same printable.  That is what I have done with this one.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Leftovers Log [printable]

Leftovers go bad because you either didn't know they were in the fridge or you don't know how long they've been in there.  I figure if I post this on my refrigerator and am diligent to record and cross out when I add or take out leftovers,  I'll solve that problem!

This insert is available in color and black and white.  The PDF document is two pages with the color copy on the first page and the black and white copy is on the second.  If you only want one color, remember to print only one page (I forget this all the time!!).

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Personal Size Perpetual Calendar for Important Dates

A follower of our Facebook Page, Planner Fun, requested I make a perpetual calendar for important dates for personal size planners and also suggested I make it in the same format as I did the fold-able, 2014, one-day holiday planners.  Print both sides back to back and cut along the lines.  Punch along the left side of the printable and put it in  your planner.  Fold the right side up to the rings and you are good to go.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tracking Medication

Once upon a time I didn't need a pill box or any sort of planner sheet to track my medication.  I opened my sinus medication every night, took my pill and that was it.  There was a time that I didn't even need that - oh, those were the days!

Twenty-two years, two babies, kidney failure, 15 months of dialysis and a transplant later, I have a variable laundry list of medication that I take on a daily basis.

At first it was rather simple to keep it all organized.  When I got low on a medication I would call in a refill and then pick it up.  Later, I purchased a smartphone and soon began using my pharmacy's app.  This app made ordering refills a breeze!  But then there came changes in insurance and new guidelines (I'll spare you all of that) and things weren't so simple anymore.

All of a sudden I needed to get medication at two different pharmacies and I had to keep up with how many prescriptions my insurance would pay for in a month and then there were certain medications they would cover that didn't count toward against my limit but they were 90 day prescriptions and if I didn't order every 30 days...well, it was a jumbled mess in my head.

So, that's where my planner and simple tracking came in.  On graph paper I listed my medications 3 different times down the side of the page, skipping a couple of lines between each instance.  I number columns 1-12 across the top for the months of the year.  In the first section when I refilled a medication, I would right in the appropriate date under the correct month so that at a glance I could see when I last refilled.

In the second section I made 5 rows and listed the 5 medications that  my insurance pays for each month, making sure I list them in order of price (anti-rejection medications are costly).  I do this to make sure that I don't  fill a $20 prescription and  accidentally bump a $700 medication our of my top five.  It also shows me when I have an empty slot that I might need in the future

The last set of medications are my maintenance drugs, or my 90 day medications.  I list the dates last ordered and then use my highlighter to mark 3 months ahead so that I will know when to order again.  Some medications I don't need to be reminded to refill as I can see when I'm low.  My insulin usage amount varies so I don't run out as quickly but I still need to order it to keep it at maintenance status.  I hope that is not confusing - probably none of you need to know how I do that - the point is, a sheet of graph paper and a list of medications is all you need to oversee the many different areas of tracking medication.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Using Food Planning Worksheets

Most Saturday mornings will find me in planning corner with my laptop and planner working on my menu for the upcoming week.  As per me, I am always trying something different and I am currently loving my most recent menu planner that I posted recently (pictured to the left).  My breakfasts rotate between a few favorites and there is no need to plan them but my lunches and dinners I do.  I save my menu plans and file them away for inspiration later in my "everything else planner" with an A-Z file.  Tip:  once you've saved several, you don't even have to "plan" a meal, just choose a menu!

I follow a plant-based diet, more specifically Dr. McDougall's starch-based program, and find lots of ideas an inspiration from a Facebook group I created 2½ years ago called McDougall Friends (we're close to 5k members!). There is a steady-stream of great tips coming from the group that and I needed a way to compartmentalize those ideas so that I can use them - thus another printable - a Food Planning Worksheet! ~grin  This printable is so specific to my needs that I doubt anyone else would be interested but if you are, you can leave a comment and I'll post it.

During the week I'll pull out this worksheet when I see a tip for prepping foods, freezing ahead, a lunch combo someone from the group posted, etc.  This helps keep my head from getting full of information overload while still getting to try the ideas I've learned - just a little something that works for me.

Note:  In the picture to the right I have "caramelizing (that I never seem to be able to spell correctly) onions EN".  This tells me that I can find this idea for caramelizing onions in the crockpot on my Evernote account. 
I'm not fully convinced that I want to keep using Evernote because you only have a limited amount of uploads and I am too cheap to pay for a premium account.  I'm still working that one out.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Planner Community: An Often Untapped Resource [Guest Blog]

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you have heard me mention Giftie Etcetera as my favorite planner blog. I was so fortunate to have found her blog shortly after I began using a planner in 2014; and am so excited to start 2015 off with a guest post from Kristy.


When Becky asked me to guest blog today, I was thrilled at the opportunity. Even though I blog about planning and organizing almost daily at, I learn something new and useful virtually every day from my fellow bloggers, planner Facebook groups, and friends who plan and organize.

Some of the best tips that I have learned from the planner community include:

* there is no right or wrong way to plan, whether paper, ring bound, spiral bound, or even electronic planning;

* no matter how limited the space, there are ways to minimize the need for more space or to use the space to maximum benefit;

* making an A-Z file at the end of a planner for portable, needed-on-the-go information, using the address index that comes with the planner;

* using future pages to minimize how many months have to reside in a planner at once;

* finding homemade or free internet pages for every need, including client contact log, menu planner, or exercise journal;

* understanding the difference between planners, including sizing and hole-punching;

* comprehending the true value of writing things down in handwriting for remembering and organizing information; and

* using a checklist, thin page marker, or sticky note for repeating tasks.

So get on-line and get involved in the planner community. Read blogs and comment on them. Watch YouTube videos. Join Facebook groups that speak to you about planners. (Be careful with that last one. You learn a lot more from being selective about your groups and really involved than you do just joining everything.)

And make some planner friends, like Becky at Planner Fun, Laurie at Plannerisms, Steve at Philofaxy, Patti at Homemakers Daily, or me. I'm Kristy at Giftie Etcetera, and I am thrilled to meet you.