Tuesday, January 13, 2015

For Your Fridge [printable]

I recently started putting our daily menu on the fridge and found that my family loves being able to see what we re having for dinner on any given night.  When I realized that, I began making the list a little prettier for them.  Here's an example of one of our menus that I wanted to share with you - hope you can use it!


  1. I've debated adding our meal plan to the fridge! And then I realize the Mister would never look at it (and that he doesn't really care what's for dinner, so long as he doesn't have to choose!). :) I do love the colors on this, though! :D

  2. Becky, on Monday, I'm doing a post about budgeting and menu planning. Make sure you pop over and comment about this post there. Feel free to leave a link for my readers to go to your blog in the comments, so that they can see this printable!!!