Thursday, January 15, 2015

Planner Routines

Kristy at Giftie Etcetera often gets me thinking far beyond about what I would have originally thought of as planner activity.  Maybe the reason I have failed in using a planner in the past is because I had not considered or thought about these concepts or developing a planner routine.  It's true that I spent more time creating inserts and dividers and finding "things" to put in my planner than I actually did using it as a tool to schedule and help my day run more smooth. Her post today talks about useful ways to store your planner and I recommend you pop in to read all about it.  My planner stays by my desk but occasionally it will be parked beside me in the evening while I crochet and/or watch television, and it helps to have it within arms reach if I ever need to make a note.

It has taken awhile to develop a bedtime system or routine that works for me.  At first, most nights I remembered to place the planner by my bed but it is when I didn't that I would remember a whole list of things I need to remember for the next day.  The solution came in the form of a Post-it note pad that my son had put in my Christmas stocking.  I already had several but wanted to put these in a prominent place so he would see me using those particularly, and they ended up beside my bed along with the Sharpie pen he also gave me.

Last night my husband told me he would like me to make his favorite mushroom gravy again soon.  I picked up the note pad and wrote "mushroom gravy".  This morning I saw the note and brought it with me to my desk and put the note on my planner.  Later, after breakfast, it went on to my menu planning page, ready for me to plan a meal with mushroom gravy.  It works great!

Do you have a before-bed system that works for you?


  1. If anything comes up after I've gotten into bed, most of the time I will just make a note of it in Google Keep. I have a few notes in there right now, that I need to hold on to, but aren't anything I need to put in my planner, just things to ponder over. Somehow, after putting it in Keep, I'm able to remember the next morning that I added a note in there, so it works out.

  2. I will have to look into that. There are the rare occasions when my planner is not near (enough) but my phone always is.

  3. Yeah, I use the iPhone notes app for things to remember. :)