Saturday, January 3, 2015

Using Food Planning Worksheets

Most Saturday mornings will find me in planning corner with my laptop and planner working on my menu for the upcoming week.  As per me, I am always trying something different and I am currently loving my most recent menu planner that I posted recently (pictured to the left).  My breakfasts rotate between a few favorites and there is no need to plan them but my lunches and dinners I do.  I save my menu plans and file them away for inspiration later in my "everything else planner" with an A-Z file.  Tip:  once you've saved several, you don't even have to "plan" a meal, just choose a menu!

I follow a plant-based diet, more specifically Dr. McDougall's starch-based program, and find lots of ideas an inspiration from a Facebook group I created 2½ years ago called McDougall Friends (we're close to 5k members!). There is a steady-stream of great tips coming from the group that and I needed a way to compartmentalize those ideas so that I can use them - thus another printable - a Food Planning Worksheet! ~grin  This printable is so specific to my needs that I doubt anyone else would be interested but if you are, you can leave a comment and I'll post it.

During the week I'll pull out this worksheet when I see a tip for prepping foods, freezing ahead, a lunch combo someone from the group posted, etc.  This helps keep my head from getting full of information overload while still getting to try the ideas I've learned - just a little something that works for me.

Note:  In the picture to the right I have "caramelizing (that I never seem to be able to spell correctly) onions EN".  This tells me that I can find this idea for caramelizing onions in the crockpot on my Evernote account. 
I'm not fully convinced that I want to keep using Evernote because you only have a limited amount of uploads and I am too cheap to pay for a premium account.  I'm still working that one out.

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