Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weight Loss Record [printable]

So, how are we doing on those New Year's Resolutions/Aspirations/Goals?  I must say I have been doing excellent when it comes to following my eating plan but I haven't been weighing myself because my scales died!  I thought I could not weight and feel confident in the fact that I am doing what I am supposed to do.  Nope, not me!  I have to weigh!!  I like using a sheet like this to track my weight.

This time all four sizes (Letter, Half, Personal and Pocket) are in one file.    Find the size you need and when you are ready to print, either choose the page number you want to print or "print current page".

I failed to label the pages/sizes.  They are as follows:

Page 1:  Half
Page 2:  Letter
Page 3:  Personal
Page 4:  Pocket


  1. That was my problem the last time I got excited about exercise - no scale to check up on! I always felt that things were fitting better and/or looser, but I'm pretty sure that was just all in my imagination!

    I love how you've added a notes section as well - I think it would help, at a glance, to see previous weeks with notes as to why progress went (or didn't!) the way it did!

  2. I've never had a notes section either - I like the thought of looking back and seeing my thoughts.