Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't Change Tried & True

I have blogged about my planner dividers and how I started with a gazillion of them and ended with about 5 after studying what sections Giftie uses.  I added a money and food section but, after time, realized that those sections didn't include enough information to be used as dividers - the dividers actually functioned as bookmarks - so I filed my past menu plans in my files section and my "bills checklist" in my projects section.

I am using the dividers from the Vera Bradley 2014 Calendar and used my label maker to cover the months -
I just didn't cover the back side yet.

So, I am back to those main five sections:  calendar, future, projects, tasks and files.  Actually, I divided the calendar section in to weekly and monthly and again, that is mostly a bookmark issue; it just makes it easier for me to get to what I need to.

I have found having a future section is brilliant.  Before reading about that, I would have tried to include an entire year's worth of calendars.  I have 2 sheets, back and front, inside this section and have divided the page and listed 3 months on each.  This week I traveled to Vanderbilt for a regular (every 4 months) appointment with my kidney doctor.  With my 5 year (new) kidney anniversary approaching, new tests were scheduled for June.

I had a number of appointments for my mom and I (she is 6 years post transplant) that I am keeping up with.  I turned to my Future section, found June and could see when I would be available for my appointments - it works so nicely.  We have 2 appointments each that I wrote in.  I wrote on a small post-it that we could eat but it needed to be something light, 4 hours before the appointment - I'll transfer that small post it and another note to my weekly pages the closer we get to June.

Since the holidays have passed, my projects section has gotten slimmer  a basketball schedule, a tracker for online purchases, my bills checklist and a couple of other items that I am wanting to pursue that needed a landing place.

The tasks section has remained empty but I have ideas and plans, such as a master packing list for road trips, a quest for the perfect cleaning/chores system and a list of things to do that don't have a specific due date.

My Files section is full and I am okay with that!  I keep and index of the contents but instead of using sticky page tabs to locate them, I decided to buy A-Z tabbed dividers to use.

My weekly pages (format) change often as well as my planner dashboard but these sections/files will probably always stay the same just because they work - and they work well.


  1. Such a good idea. I might make a Do We Need list!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who groups things together! I have always loved the idea of everything having its own section, but really, it just makes everything more cluttered! I would rather have like-with-like and have fewer sections to flip through!

  3. At first, I thought your future section was mine! :) Once I examined it, though, you are doing something that I don't do - and that I should. You put one work in your highlighted yearly box. I need to do that! It would help so much when glancing at it, especially for travel days or something.

  4. No matter which inserts, formats or binders I use, I have 4 tried and true sections that don't change.1) Capture or Dashboard 2) Focus. All notes and lists are tucked between the current week. Weeks are tucked between the Month tabs. Then everything I think I need is right there. Flipping back and forth between sections, would drive me nuts. 3) Projects 4) File (A-Z tabs).