Half-Size Self-Birthday Planning Sheet [printable]

February 17, 2015

There's a silly little story behind this printable!  I'm not sure I want to go into it but let me tell you this before I go on:  your husband (boyfriend, child, etc) can NOT read your mind.  Seriously, they don't already know what you want.  You must tell them - ask me how I know!

This insert is all about your special day.  I added the special sections that I would like to have:  ways I wanted to celebrate, special indulgences (like sleeping in and/or maybe a special dessert), what kind of dinner plans I want to make and even places to write a special wish for the future and my thoughts about the day.  Make sure you put it in a prominent place so your hubby can see it and, if necessary, you might even have to point it out!

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3 comment

  1. No, no they cannot read your mind (sadly). Mine, though, has at least resigned to the fact that he will never know exactly what I want (as I don't half the time!) and will normally head in letting me know I can pick whatever and he will purchase it for me. Which, in turn, means I get to pull the same hijinks come his birthday, and it saves us both a lot of trouble!

  2. How to have a successful marriage: Make a list and give it to him. If he chooses not to choose off the list - well maybe it is time for a new hubby, LOL!