Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Half-Size Self-Birthday Planning Sheet [printable]

There's a silly little story behind this printable!  I'm not sure I want to go into it but let me tell you this before I go on:  your husband (boyfriend, child, etc) can NOT read your mind.  Seriously, they don't already know what you want.  You must tell them - ask me how I know!

This insert is all about your special day.  I added the special sections that I would like to have:  ways I wanted to celebrate, special indulgences (like sleeping in and/or maybe a special dessert), what kind of dinner plans I want to make and even places to write a special wish for the future and my thoughts about the day.  Make sure you put it in a prominent place so your hubby can see it and, if necessary, you might even have to point it out!


  1. No, no they cannot read your mind (sadly). Mine, though, has at least resigned to the fact that he will never know exactly what I want (as I don't half the time!) and will normally head in letting me know I can pick whatever and he will purchase it for me. Which, in turn, means I get to pull the same hijinks come his birthday, and it saves us both a lot of trouble!

  2. How to have a successful marriage: Make a list and give it to him. If he chooses not to choose off the list - well maybe it is time for a new hubby, LOL!