Friday, February 13, 2015

Use Your Planner to Remember Things

I love posts that tell me different ways to use my planner.  Posts like this:  7 Things That You Aren't Writing Down and like this:  A Planner Idea List - Or, Creative Uses for Using Multiple Planners.  This morning I was watching the last episode of a show on Netflix and found out that plans for a new season of that show were up in the air but that a decision would be available in Autumn 2015.  Seriously, I'm 48 (do you know how OLD that sounds to me??) and my memory is definitely NOT what it used to be.  Will I even remember this show in the Fall?  I knew I could document it in my planner somehow and without much thinking at all, I turned to my future pages and wrote the name of the show with a "?" under September.  Done!

Another quick idea I had was to how to keep up with free Redbox codes.  Truly, the code is always with me, on my phone, but many times it doesn't occur to me to pick up a Redbox DVD because there is no other reminder other than the text with the code.  Now I just jot down the code number on my weekly page in red.  As I go about my day, I see the code and am reminded I have a free one available.  I don't always go get one just because I have a code but I am more likely to at least remember I have a code!

Do you have any favorite reminder tips?


  1. I do that with TV shows! Luckily there's always something that reminds me, though, and we don't keep up with the episodes, we watch them all once they're out (hate having to "wait till next week"!).
    I like the idea of writing down the Redbox codes, though! That's handy! I've written down on a shopping list to Michael's before that I have the coupon on my phone, just in case! I also write down on my shopping list if I have a coupon for an item (to double check that I have the right item and to remember to get it out at checkout!).

  2. I'm 48, too, and my memory is horrible. This is crazy, but I write down "check driver's license" every year on my birth month because I'm so afraid that I will let it expire and then have to go in and take the test instead of being able to renew easily online. Ha There is 1 TV show that I write down because I often forget about it and I like to keep up with it.

  3. The code idea is such a good one.