Monday, February 2, 2015

Week on Two Pages [printable]

Note:  The image below shows that I added three Tuesdays.  What!?  Just wanted you to know that I corrected the error but I am too lazy to re-create the image - or tired - I've been working on this for too long!  :)

If you haven't heard me mention it before, my favorite planner blog is Giftie Etcetera.  My love for paper and desktop publishing drew me in to planning and although the Washi tape and colorful pages caught my eye, I knew after a month that I was definitely a functional planner as opposed to being a decorative planner. Kristy's daily blog posts have taught me how to use a planner for optimal productivity.  I shamelessly copy her way of planning - so why not her planner forms.  Be sure to read Kristy's post for today:  How to Get Everything Done: Taming Tasks in a Planner and, if you are so inclined, download this layout that was inspired by her weekly pages.

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