Friday, March 6, 2015

A Plan for Incoming Information

Do you want to know what helps me succeed in keeping a planner?  It's by having a plan for every piece of information that I want to remember, or track.    It also helps me not to have a gazillion places to store information; that's why I try to keep only a few, tried and true dividers in my planner.

Here's My Plan:
  • I put appointments on the monthly pages.  ALL appointments.  If you make an appointment today to have your hair done this afternoon, you can put it on your weekly page if you want, but I still recommend you still put it on your monthly page.
  • Bill due dates are also put on the monthly pages.  From there I transfer the current week's bills to my weekly pages and track them from there.
  • Instead of one to-do list", I write tasks on my weekly pages such as "call the pharmacy", "fill med box", or "transfer money to savings".  I check off these tasks as I complete them and mark them out with a highlighter.  The highlighter makes the uncompleted tasks stand out if I didn't get to them on the intended day.
  • Dates or appointments 2 months out are kept on future pages.  This is one of my favorite tips from Giftie.  I don't have to make my planner bulky with all 12 months, instead I keep 2 months and every month I transfer that month's dates from the future section.
  • My DWN (Do Wee Need) post-it solved the problem of forgetting items at the grocery store.
  • I keep a grocery list template behind my dashboard in the front of my planner.  You can't just say you're out of something, you have to write it down.
  • Track misc, unrelated pages under projects.  This is another Giftie favorite.  It keeps everything in its place.
  • I also track future reminders in my planner and sometimes for my husband (last week I wrote in my weekly pages a couple of weeks out to remind him to call a client).  As mentioned above, I use future pages to remind me of future events but I also use it for some reminders on small post-it's.  For example, I put on a Post-It: "Eat light, such as a bagel, around 6a; June 30"
I'm still working on the perfect housecleaning plan/schedule to put in my tasks section.  I'm believing that someday that might happen.

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