Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mom's Night Out: A Planner Discussion

My homeschool group has asked me to help lead a discussion on Planners for our next Mom's Night Out, later this month.  I've been thinking and thinking what to say without getting long-winded - it's hard to condense everything you might want to say into a discussion, right?

I have decided that I am going to make it simple and share how I use a planner.  I'll start with my divider sections and tell how I use each.  What else would a beginner need to know?

Monthly:  only items with a specific due date (appointments, bills, meetings, etc.)
Weekly:  my one week on 2 pages spread - where most of the planning takes place.

Future:  two sheets of paper (back and front) with all the months of 2015 spaced between them; also a sheet of paper for 2016 events (scheduled yearly physical, a wedding save-the-date, dog's vaccination, etc.)

Projects: notes on current things that are going on - for me:  a monthly review check list, weight loss tracking, birthday dinner planning, etc.)

Tasks:  any housecleaning routines I want to track, specific lists for specific things (packing for vacation, moving checklist, etc.)

Files/Notes:  previous projects that I want to keep handy, such as a blog post I've wanted to write forever, blank grocery lists, a list of my OTC meds I am allowed to take, etc.

I'm thinking that maybe I won't go too long with that.  Maybe I'l just give them a handout and let the conversation go for there.

What inserts do you think I should share?  


  1. Grid paper.Great for any sort of tracker.

  2. Grid paper.Great for any sort of tracker.

  3. That a pretty good tip list. I'd also ask them what is not working for them and help them come up with solutions.