Monday, March 9, 2015

Planning for a Busy Week

It's the beginning of a new week and I when I opened up my planner this morning to get a glimpse of what is ahead, I saw a page full of things to do.  At first glance it might appear overwhelming but remember, I have a plan!

We have a busy school week that is full of tasks, appointments and meetings, plus I am planning a birthday dinner on Thursday and preparing for a weekend in Atlanta to celebrate my husband's birthday with his mom.  It seems like every moment I think of something new that I need to write down.  My planner stays open on my weekly page and I am also using my supplemental page this week.

Since my week is filling up with normal things, it seems like a good time to start a projects page to keep all the birthday planning and doings (dinner plus the trip) in one place.  This will help me organize better and save space on my weekly pages for my everyday tasks.

A simple sheet of paper would work just fine for this project page but I have decided to use this daily page because it has lots of lines and blocks and even a small time table/schedule to use.  Everything trip-related will go on this page so I can concentrate on getting everything else accomplished before we leave.  For more on project pages, I recommend Giftie's post:  Unplanned Ouchie: Beginnings of a Project Page

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