Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Half Size Dated & 5 Sizes Undated Future Pages [printable]

I think Future Pages are the unsung heroes of planners!  I never used them until I learned more from Giftie.  You'll see in the image below that I have punched both sides like she does so I can always have the current months facing me on the right side of the page.  I have been putting items with dates on the left hand side and notes I want to remember on the right.

I made  dated 2015 future pages in half size for myself and the link for those are below - they will need to be printed on 8.5 x 5.5 size paper.

There are also undated future pages available in all sizes - just write in the month and year and you are ready to go.

2015 Dated Future Pages  |  Undated Future Pages

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  1. Future pages are so necessary! I know some people don't use them and I always wonder what they do instead.