Saturday, April 18, 2015

Favorite Links This Week

My list of links is nowhere near as big as Philofaxy's (don't you love their big list of links!?), but I do want to share with you some of my favorite links from Facebook, the web, and Pinterest, this week.

►  I found this blog post, Reclaming Back my Health, by Susana from The Paradox of an Organized Scientist very helpful.  I have always wanted to start a health journal and she has some really great ideas - enough for an entire planner, if you want.

►  I always check out the Web Finds at Philofaxy twice a week.  I'm always so geeked when I find one of my posts mentioned!
►  How To Use A Planner (Without Getting Totally Overwhelmed) I found this article on the Huffington Post, of all places.  I think it is a good, simple and basic article on how to get started using a planner.

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